Bitcasino’s finest: NFT Paradise Trippies Slot games are among the most favourite games played at online casinos. They are easy to play, and they give one of the best rewards for players who win at certain rounds. One of the absolute best parts about slot games is that they have different themes that make each experience unique.  However, out of the numerous unique slot games out there, one sticks out as being one of the most unique games known as NFT Paradise Trippies. The genius behind combining the NFT motif with slot games is truly a one of a kind idea that made players interestedRead More →

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A beginner’s guide to Dogecoin Aside from Bitcoin (BTC), there are over 6,000 currencies in the market. To ensure a smooth transaction and trading experience, each currency has its own unique features. Dogecoin (DOGE) is one of them and it is one of the most popular digital currencies today. This coin has one of the most active and largest crypto communities. As soon as Dogecoin was made available to the public, it was intended to be used as a digital currency for sponsoring sporting events and raising money for various charities.  Since Dogecoin is meme-based, it’s one of the most talked-about cryptocurrencies right now, especiallyRead More →

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Top online roulette bets you need to know Roulette is one of the easiest live casino games to learn as the objective of this game is to correctly predict where the ball will land after the wheel is spun. The roulette wheel has different colours and numbers which can help in deciding where to bet. A betting table beside the wheel presents the different options where bettors can place their chips. There are more than 20 betting options available in online roulette, but which ones do most high rollers wager on? Here are 10 of the most popular roulette betting options you can make: Red/blackRead More →

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Tron explained: How you can use TRX in betting From the change of casino platforms (land-based to online) to the present, there has been a complete paradigm shift in value and payment methods. Despite the fact that traditional payments (i.e. fiat money) continue to be the most popular, no one can dispute the presence of digital currencies. Almost every individual wishes to join the hype of using digital currencies because they preserve and provide financial independence from national governments. There are already 300 million crypto users exploring about 6,000 digital currencies throughout the world. With these figures in mind, the more essential issue becomes: whichRead More →

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How to play Spribe Plinko in Bitcasino Plinko has emerged as one of the best online casino games even if it’s not as popular as other choices. You can still play games like slots, roulettes, and many more on these platforms but games Plinko won the hearts of many bettors because of its strong appeal. It is a game that has a solid history in the casino industry. It has origins that came from the game show, The Price is Right. Since it has similarities with games like roulettes and slots, more people are gravitating towards playing games like Spribe Plinko.  Before you get started,Read More →

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Top four crypto you should invest in 2022 The crypto industry is set to take another big leap in 2022, and there are more investors coming in as they are keen to put their money to good use. As 2022 starts off, it is best for a lot of people to know which is the best crypto that they should invest in. There is still a lot of hype in the crypto industry at this point. The interest for both coins and tokens continue to take shape and there are a lot of investors who want to make the most of their money. This meansRead More →

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Casino Hold ’em explained: What it is and how to play it Poker is one of the best classic gambling games that has been played for about as long as anyone can remember. Passed from one generation to the next and spread in different regions across the world, novice and experienced players today have many choices from the multiple variants created throughout the ages. For one, the relatively new game called Casino Hold ‘em is certainly one to try for.  About Casino Hold ‘em  Poker variants are broadly grouped into three major categories, with each being different according to the distribution of cards and numberRead More →

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An investor’s quick guide to Cardano (ADA) With several technological advancements, numerous coins are introduced in the market. This includes Cardano (ADA). As it continues to grow as one of the most successful digital assets, several investors began to recognize its value in the market. By being widely accepted into the digital space, several people, including online casino players, are using coins to place their bets.  Aside from Bitcoin (BTC), several other coins are now accepted on online casinos and other platforms. With its decentralized nature, people can now enjoy these digital assets’ full potential.  After making waves in the crypto market and later beingRead More →

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A comprehensive guide to live Deal or No Deal Many people like gambling in land-based casinos because players can play their favourite games and earn rewards. The setting also allows players to enjoy an engaging atmosphere complete with fancy interiors and dedicated staff.  Since not everyone has the time to go to a land casino, numerous gamers take advantage of online casinos. This is because they have the freedom to play their preferred games whenever and wherever they want. With the help of game providers, there are thousands of games that players can find on every casino site.  Aside from slot games and typical liveRead More →

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How to play and win Evolution Gaming’s Monopoly Live iGaming (online gambling) is a buzzing entertainment that also includes sports & esports betting, crypto casinos, blockchain technology and, best of all, live casinos. The latter gaming category is a rising innovative feature wherein classic and newly developed casino games are played in real-time where you can interact with players and dealers through online streaming. Thanks to today’s internet access and advanced tech tools, live casinos seamlessly and efficiently bridge the gap between land-based and online casinos. They connect people across the globe quickly and realistically. On this page, here’s what you need to know aboutRead More →