Bitcoin 101 – Bitcoin for Beginners Bitcoin is the biggest cryptocurrency in the crypto industry. So much so that it is universally accepted by almost every crypto-based businesses like Bitcasino. If you are new to the currency then here’s everything you need to know about Bitcoin. Clarifications About Bitcoin The Bitcoin Currency The word ‘Bitcoin’ generally refers to the currency itself. It is a type of digital money with its value relative to real money like Japanese yen and US dollars. It is also prone to inflation, deflation, and halving like real money which is caused by the basic laws of supply and demand.  BitcoinRead More →

Gaming with Crypto With the popularity of Bitcoin, there are still a lot of questions whether it is legal or not. There is actually a big grey area regarding its legality. This is because the transaction is only between two parties. It is also not controlled by the government or any banking institution. In simple terms, the main purpose of Bitcoin is to have freedom of exchange without a middleman. This is also the reason why the transaction fee is not that expensive. You can even place multiple bets at Bitcasino any time. The only downside of Bitcoin is that its value depends on itsRead More →