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Get to Know the Important Facts of Live Dealer Tech

Technology is amazing as it can now bring the true essence of casino games to players’ homes using a combination of hardware, software, and service. Casinos like Bitcasino try to keep the experience as authentic as possible while also improving the convenience offered by modern innovations. That said, some still wonder how it is possible for online casinos to offer live dealer games. Here’s everything you need to know about such a service.

Parts of the Game

The table, cards, wheels, and the dealer are all parts of the game that are kept authentic for the live dealer experience. All of them are real and they are streaming in a remote studio to serve online casinos like Bitcasino.

There are some changes to some of the game’s elements. For example, the cards used in live baccarat are slightly different from standard playing cards. They are still the same faces and suites, but they often have blown up numbers and symbols so it’s easier to see for small screens or short-sighted players. Some casinos also put barcodes in the middle of the cards so the live service software can scan it.

The dealer doesn’t just sit there, smile, and announce what’s happening. The players can talk to them, usually through a live chat system. Live dealers also act like real-time support systems to players. If you have any questions regarding the game, live dealers have more than enough knowledge to accommodate players and their game concerns. This way, each player’s experience is smooth and clean.

Components that Bring the Game Online

The first component is cameras. The players are given two view modes, one for the entire set, including the dealer, and another which is a close up to the table. There are more cameras than those two perspectives but they serve to help the computer register the table and the dealer’s gestures. This ‘computer’ is the GCU (Game Control Unit) and it is the thing that interprets the events of the game and translates them into the interface in the player’s screen.

Every sensor in the game is connected to the GCU including the cameras, code scanners, and triggers on roulettes and decks. The players see all of these data on their monitor along with buttons they can press to place a bet. The monitor’s interface also shows other players’ bets and gives the statistics of which one is more popular at the moment.

Each dealer also has a monitor that shows the players’ activities. This includes placing bets, their messages through chats, and the history of the game. This is important to the dealer because it is difficult to interact with the players if it’s just a one-way conversation. This also lets them act on requests such as if they are going too fast.

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