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December 22, 2021

A comprehensive guide to live Deal or No Deal

Many people like gambling in land-based casinos because players can play their favourite games and earn rewards. The setting also allows players to enjoy an engaging atmosphere complete with fancy interiors and dedicated staff. 

Since not everyone has the time to go to a land casino, numerous gamers take advantage of online casinos. This is because they have the freedom to play their preferred games whenever and wherever they want. With the help of game providers, there are thousands of games that players can find on every casino site. 

Aside from slot games and typical live dealer games like poker, roulette, and blackjack, there are other games that can be found on Bitcasino. Interestingly, you can find adaptations of popular TV shows, movies, and even popular game franchises. Among them is Deal or No Deal which can now be enjoyed online. Here is a closer look at it. 


About the game 

Evolution Gaming's Deal or No Deal Live takes the complete experience of the iconic game show to players' homes, with the extra benefit of unique multipliers for large prizes. The game is broadcasted live in full HD from one of Evolution Gaming's top-tier remote studios with an RTP of 95.42%.

Deal or No Deal is a game show with the same gameplay as the one shown on television. The most significant difference between the two is that players can play with an unlimited number of players. Aside from that, the objective remains the same -- to select one of the 16 briefcases and hope it holds the largest prize.

During different rounds of the game, players will have to choose among the numbered briefcases one by one until there are none left. After each round, the mysterious banker will offer to buy their briefcase for a high or cheap sum, depending on a player’s performance. They do this until the final round where they need to select between deal or no deal.

How to play the game 

A live game of Deal or No Deal can be played from start to finish in a span of two minutes. There are three segments in the online version of the game. Here is a closer look at them:

First segment 

The first segment works as the qualification round of the main game where. In order to qualify, players must spin a wheel and line up three of its sections. Players can set the wheel to one of the three modes (very easy, easy, and normal mode) that can affect a player’s winning chances. 

Second segment 

The second section is where players can top up the briefcase of their choice. To alter the prize money on the wheel, they need to click their selected case and enter the amount they wish to wager. After that, players need to spin the wheel and the value it falls on is added to the briefcase they've picked to raise its original value. As long as they're betting, players can spin the wheel as many times as they want.

Third segment

Once players have qualified and topped up the briefcases they want, they can proceed to the third and final segment of the game. In this part, players can either win the money inside their briefcase or accept the offer from the banker. 

The game starts by revealing three briefcases to the players. After that, the dealer will make the first offer to buy the briefcase which they can accept (deal) or decline (no deal). There is a time limit to this so players need to decide quickly. This process is done twice.

Only two briefcases will remain in the final round and you'll be given three options: deal, no deal, or switch cases. 


Tips to win the game 

Deal or No Deal is a game of luck and there are no exact ways on how players can be guaranteed a sure win. Still, there are several strategies that players can apply to have a higher chance of winning. See some of them below that you can use:

  • If the dealer's offer exceeds double the value of your first stake, accept it.
  • When there are still a few red boxes left in the game, don't lose hope since the banker can offer you a greater deal.
  • Allow ample time for yourself to consider the banker's proposal.
  • Don't put your faith in the last box.
  • During the qualification rounds, use the easy or very easy mode.

Game FAQs 

Evolution Gaming’s Deal or No Deal is a straightforward game that can still be confusing to those who are not familiar with it. Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about this fun and exciting game. 

  • Is the game rigged? 

The game is not rigged so players are in for a fair playing experience with this game. 

  • Is it easy to win the game?

Similar to all games, it’s not easy to win it. To hope that their chosen briefcase holds the highest amount all the time is impossible. However, you can increase or decrease your chances of winning depending on your gameplay. Make sure to review how the game works and carefully make decisions to increase your chances of winning.

  • Is it worth trying?

Definitely. Deal or No Deal is one of the most exciting games in the industry that you need to try! Not only can you experience how the popular TV game show works, you have the chance to win rewards–all in the comfort of your own home.
These are just a few pieces of information that players would have to know before they play live Deal or No Deal on Bitcasino. This means you can be more prepared to play one of the most amazing games in the market. Don’t miss out on it and try it now!


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