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March 28, 2023

Scratchcards: What are they and can you play them at Bitcasino?

When playing in online casinos, many people think about games such as slots and table games like poker, roulette, and baccarat. What people do not know is that there are several other exciting games that can grant huge prizes. Among these are scratchcards which are available alongside some fun Bitcasino slots and Bitcasino live casino titles. 

What’s amazing about scratchcards is that they don’t require any strategy to win. With that, you would have to wish that every ticket you get conceals fun prizes. Aside from being commonly offered in land casinos, you can also play the game using your crypto betting fund after buying and selling these digital assets. 

These games are fun and can also be played with Bitcasino bonus offers. Together with luck and bonuses that can boost your chances of winning or double the amount of your payout, there is no doubt that you won’t go home empty-handed.  

What are scratchcards?

Scratchcards are games of luck that physically take the form of a flat piece of paper that has a scratchable surface. To play, you simply scratch the surface to reveal the numbers and see if you hit a winning combination. This is widely popular in brick-and-mortar setting but its popularity made it reach even the digital platform. 

Traditionally, you can simply scratch the film to reveal the symbols. When you see that there are at least three matching symbols, you can claim the corresponding payouts. It is somehow similar to how these cards work in online casinos as all you have to do is manually scratch the segments one by one or activate the automatic function for you to refrain from clicking repetitively. 

What makes them fun to play? 

There are several reasons why players got hooked with online scratchcards and the winning opportunities they come with. In case you ever wondered what made other people hooked to this both online and in land-based setting, here’s what made it popular: 

Easy to understand

One of the best factors you'll love most about scratchcards is that they don’t come with any tricky rules. Rather, you can just click on it anytime you want and determine what to do with it. This makes the game a beginner-friendly option to most people. 

Thrilling results 

Though the game follows an easy gameplay, it is undeniable that scratching the cards involves an underlying thrill as you wait to see the symbols hidden. Regardless if you do the scratching manually or have the game automatically do it for you, you’ll find yourself excited to see what you’ll be getting each time. 

Exciting prizes 

Upon getting at least three matching symbols, you will already be entitled to fun prizes. Some symbols are worth more than others so it’s best to check how much they’re worth so you can be more excited as you play. Aside from that, most scratchcards also have multipliers on them. 

High replayability 

The fast and easy gameplay of scratchcards makes it a great choice for thrill-seeker players. With the chance to win big prizes from such an affordable ticket, it becomes more interesting to keep playing the game again and again until you find the card that will bring you the most luck. 

Scratchcards you can play at Bitcasino 

Bitcasino works with several reputable game providers that have produced quality titles throughout the years. Among them is Caleta Gaming which created several impressive scratchcard titles available on the site. With that, here are some of Caleta’s titles that you should never miss out on: 

Halloween Scratchcard

This scratchcard will feed you with eerie visuals that show ghosts, vampires and Frankenstein heads. Set in front of an eerie castle and matched with a soft piece of music, the game becomes more thrilling when you realise how the Halloween symbols will start to excite you rather than scare you off. There are several symbols in the game and each one has their respective values on the paytable—the highest one being worth up to 40,000x your stake! 


Trevo da Sorte Scratchcard

Trevo da Sorte is a fun Irish-themed scratchcard that will make you more excited to see what luck has in store for you. The game is set on a lush field with a rainbow. While playing the game, you will also be watched over by a leprechaun who is believed to bring good luck. Among the symbols used in the game are leprechauns, four leaf clovers, hats, and even magic wells. 

Football Pro Scratchcard

Another exciting scratchcard you can find at Bitcasino is Football Pro Scratchcard which will imaginatively take you to a massive football field with roaring fans. In this game, you can manually or automatically scratch the card to reveal symbols such as football shoes, trophies, and jerseys, and other football related symbols. 

Cherry Cherry Scratchcard

Slot games are not the only games that can make use of the traditional casino symbols such as cherries, bells, dice, and the lucky number 7. If you want a bit of nostalgia, you will enjoy playing this game as its elements give you a retro feel. Just like slot games, all you have to do is wait for the right symbol combinations to show up so you can win some exciting prizes! 

Billion Llama Scratchcards

This Bitcasino scratchcard game will inspire you to keep betting with your crypto assets as the game uses symbols of coins like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Binance Coin (BNB). As the name suggests, you will also see a billion dollar llama who appears fancy. As the llama shows itself, keep scratching to see what luck has in store for you in this amazing game. 

Carnaval Scratchcard

If you are looking for a festive game to play, this scratchcard is perfect for you. This game takes you to a fun experience filled with vibrant colours and confetti falling while an upbeat piece of music plays at the back. Some of the symbols you can see here are dancers with vibrant costumes, different cocktail drinks, and colourful feather masks. 

About Caleta 

Now that you know more about the games you can find at Bitcasino, you may also want to learn a little more about the company that provided all of them. Caleta Gaming is an innovative game design and development company that has produced several impressive games throughout the years. Having launched in 2014, the company now operates in Brazil where it continues to brainstorm impressive game ideas with its amazing team. 

Aside from their creative concepts and striking visuals, what people love most about the company is that its games have cross-platform compatibility which makes them more ideal to play. Upon checking the list of game’s they’ve put out, you will see that apart from scratchcards, they also have keno, lotto, bingo, and a wide array of slot titles. 

If you haven’t tried any of them, here are some slot titles for you to check out: 

  • Paradise Trippies 
  • Lost Saga
  • Vegas Baby
  • Magic Forest 
  • Princess of the Ocean 

Tips to have a great scratchcard playing experience 

Upon learning more about scratchcards, you might also be interested to keep in mind some of these interesting tips that can help provide you a better gaming experience: 

  • Try different titles → There are several scratchcards available at Bitcasino. So, feel free to try them one at a time. Each game provides a different feel and they may also vary in terms of payouts. By experimenting with titles, you’ll find it easier to find what interests you the most. 
  • Make the most out of your bonuses → Bitcasino has a lot of bonuses you can enjoy so make sure to use them in the best way you can. Feel free to use your additional credits to play the scratchcards you like and see what luck has in store for you.
  • Determine your betting cap → The best technique to prevent losing money when playing is to set how much time and money you are willing to spend. Take note that the amount you should be spending is something that you are willing to lose. 
  • Be a responsible player → Scratchcards are enjoyable and could be profitable, but they are still a game of chance. The greatest strategy for enjoying it is to merely play sometimes to pass the time or test your luck, but not as a hobby.

These are just a few things you have to learn about scratchcards and what makes them interesting. Upon having a better understanding of them, you can be more eager to try your luck as you see which high-paying symbols you may unlock on every ticket. So, start placing crypto deposits now so you can play these on Bitcasino! 


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