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November 10, 2021

Top tips on securing your digital assets 

As the years pass by, the popularity of cryptocurrency is continuously increasing to the point that several people are now interested in having their own coins as well. Since huge amounts of money are involved, the platform is often a target for schemers and breaches within the crypto community. 

If cryptocurrency is new to your ears, it is a decentralized digital currency used in exchange for goods and services online. Since it is decentralized, any authority has no control over your transactions. The funds are also sent directly to the receiver because the use of third parties is cancelled out. 

All of the transactions are recorded on a public distributed ledger called blockchain. Even if it is open to the public, no one can change any information because it is made with complicated cryptic codes. 

When using cryptocurrency to place your bets at Bitcasino or buy any goods and services online, it is best to choose a trusted crypto wallet for these transactions. A crypto wallet is a software program where you can store your coins. It also allows you to send and receive funds. 

5 Tricks to avoid crypto attacks 

Even if you are just simply browsing for new coins to invest in, most malware attacks can disguise themselves and steal information without knowledge. As a matter of fact, even a frequent crypto investor might experience crypto attacks. This is why you should always be careful with every crypto transaction.

To give you a heads up, here are some of the tricks to avoid crypto attacks: 

Look for a trusted crypto wallet  

Choose a crypto wallet that is regulated and licensed to operate. Take your time to research and look for reviews. Most of the time it is where you can see the pros and cons of using the crypto wallet. 

After creating an account for your chosen crypto wallet, it is best to verify your account right away. This is to make sure that your account exists. What’s great is that you can also receive some perks once you verify your account.

Avoid using public internet connection  

You should avoid using public internet connection even if you’re just going to check the amount you have in your crypto wallet because a public internet connection is a den of hackers. They can use the internet traffic to infiltrate your device. 

If you are left with no choice, you should not click on any suspicious links. You can also use a virtual private network (VPN) that gives you online privacy by creating a private network.

Triple-check when making transactions 

Always triple-check when sending or receiving funds because crypto transactions are irreversible. Make sure to only share your crypto wallet address only with the person you want to transact with. This is to avoid the possibility of hackers infiltrating your crypto wallet using crypto-stealing viruses. 

Use multi-factor authentication or encrypt your files 

Secure your account, even more, by using multi-factor authentication. It is a feature that requires multiple ways to verify your login attempt. You should also encrypt your files and use complicated passwords. This will make it difficult for hackers to gain access to your crypto wallet and files. 

Use strong internet security software 

Use strong internet security software to make sure that your coin and data is safe even if you are making several transactions. Using strong internet security software can also block pop-ups, suspicious links, and emails. 


What is Malware?  

If you didn’t know, Malware is the short-term for ‘malicious software’ designed to steal data, infiltrate, and damage the system without your consent. Oftentimes, it is used to describe different computer threats like a worm, spyware, and trojans. To give you an idea, here are some of the most common blockchain malware attacks:

Sybil Attack 

A Sybil attack can take over hundreds of nodes in the blockchain network and eventually take over the system. Most of the time, this kind of malware attack disrupts operations by creating a new account or pretending to ask for your information to manipulate you to provide all of your data. 

Routing attack 

Routing attack infiltrates the network through internet traffic. It also allows hackers to manipulate your transactions and include themselves as the third party without your permission. 

Direct Denial of Service (DDoS) 

It is a kind of malware attack that uses a stream of fake requests to prevent your server from receiving requests from real users. Even though they cannot directly steal your information, this kind of attack helps the attackers to buy time while they are working on their plan.


Pop-ups are the most common type of malware attack every time you open a website. They can be used as a disguise to collect information or even track your browsing history. 


Trojans are the most dangerous type of malware that pretends to be an application or program that you usually use to steal your data effortlessly. 


Phishing malware attacks are those that you usually see in your email inbox. Most of the time, they pretend to be a well-known company that asks you to fill out a form or click a link to verify your account. The link is a virus that immediately hacks and steals your information in a matter of seconds.


Worms are self-replicating malware that consumes a large amount of system memory causing your device, system, or even server to stop working properly. 


Spyware is a program that collects any information from you. It can be your history and data in programs that you frequently use. This information can be your bank card information or any personal details. 


Viruses are program codes downloaded to your system without your knowledge. Most of the time, these are links from files that are sent to you. For instance, a virus will be downloaded to your account once you click the link. It can pretend to be you and send messages to your contact lists without permission. 

Even if you have the most secure internet connection and crypto wallet, always keep an eye out when making crypto transactions or betting at sites such as Bitcasino.  


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