3 differences between traditional and online slots 

Playing in casinos is one of many ways people entertain themselves. By stepping inside one, players can enjoy themselves in a myriad of games to win real prizes. They can enjoy them as they marvel at the luxurious interiors that the facilities have. 

Technology led to the rise of online casinos that made gaming more convenient for players. There, they can play their favourite games even when they’re at home. They can even win prizes whenever and wherever they play on their favourite game devices. 

In both of these casino platforms, slot games are known as the most popular game choice. As the most abundant game on both platforms, a lot of players are hooked on playing this fun and easy game. So, if you’re wondering how slot games in online casinos like Bitcasino differ from traditional slots, here are some of their notable differences. 

Game variety 

There are more available games on the online platform compared to land casinos. Inside the brick and mortar setting, the number of available games is limited to land space. 

Whereas there can be hundreds of games inside land casinos, there can be thousands of games in an online casino. They are provided by reputable game developers who aim to give their players the best playing experience possible. 

With the game variety, players can choose from countless themes that match their preferences. This allows players to explore as many slot themes and variants as they can. They also have different features that players will enjoy. 


Return-to-Player or RTP is an important element in a slot game. This is expressed in a percentage form and informs the player of their chances of winning. By knowing this, players will know how much they can earn after they play a certain slot game several times. 

The RTPs of land-based slot machines don’t usually have an RTP of 95%, online slots can have RTPs as high as 99%. Looking at RTP rates alone, players get better winning opportunities in the online platform. 

Free plays 

To know how a game is played, land casino players can watch how other players play the game while they are waiting for their turn. Therefore, they don’t have the chance to practice their preferred games before they proceed with actual gameplay. 

With online casinos, players are allowed to play their preferred slots for free. The free mode allows players to familiarize themselves with a slot’s features, symbols, and gameplay. This allows them to be more confident when they start playing with actual bets. However, this doesn’t entitle players to win the prizes that correspond to the symbols shown. 

These are just some of the major differences between traditional and online slots. So, if you are planning to enjoy slot games in online casinos like Bitcasino, we hope that we gave you a better idea of what to expect! 

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