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Kickstart the fun at Bitcasino is the best bitcoin casino in the industry. You’ll find an extensive collection of slots, table games, and live casino games that you can play in our lobby. Expect over 2000 games from bleeding-edge game developers.

Amazing gaming experience is what awaits you in Bitcasino.

We provide fun, fast, and fair service you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. We have a massive collection of bonuses that improve your chances of winning.

A fun, fast and fair casino experience awaits you

Enjoy a hassle-free gaming experience where security is guaranteed wherever and whenever you play. Bitcasino is equipped with cutting-edge security layers to provide you with the safest services possible. With Bitcasino, you are always at the top of our priority!

Innovative gaming with Bitcoin casino 

The crypto hype is here and as the leading Bitcoin casino, we welcome all kinds of crypto punters! If you wish to wager Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in your games instead of the regular currency, connect your crypto wallet to Bitcasino and experience revolutionised betting today.

Experience World-Class Gaming

Why players favour Bitcasino

As a world-acclaimed crypto casino, Bitcasino offers you incomparable benefits for a rewarding gaming experience. Here’s why players worldwide love us and why you should too!


Excellent Service

Reliable customer service is one of our priorities in our site. A team of responsive and experienced people will help you with any questions you have. Our team can be contacted through the 24/7 live chat.


Fast Sign Ups

It only takes a few seconds to complete your sign-up in Bitcasino. Deposits are just as quick and easy through most fiat currencies and, of course, cryptocurrencies because we are a Bitcoin Casino.


Easy Withdrawals

Your winnings are yours. If you want to withdraw €2,00 or €2 million, the withdrawal process is just as fast as everything else in Bitcasino. Our super-fast transactions means rapid withdrawals for our winners.


User Interface

We have an interactive and easy to use site that will make you fall in love with its features. Finding the right game for you is easy because going from page to page is a breeze since everything is organized for you.


Online Reputation

Taking care of our customers is our core competency in Bitcasino. We make sure that you will get fair game results, fast payouts, and round-the- clock customer service. We ensure quality and fun gaming experience for you, our players.


Provably Fair

It’s not just about enjoying our games, It’s about winning too. Our games are thoroughly checked and run on RNG that ensures fair gaming. We have licences issued by Curacao Gaming and United Kingdom Gambling Association.

Gambling online in Bitcasino is fun, fast, and fair. You can also take your online gaming anywhere. Bookmark Bitcasino and access our collection of games that you can play wherever you are. Sign up and create an account to get your hands on our hottest games.

Get your VIP rewards

Celebrate gaming excellence when you play some of the worlds best and brightest, right here at Bitcasino
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Let us reward you in the Loyalty Club! 

Bitcasino appreciates the trust you put in us and for this, we want to give you something back. Indulge in exclusive rewards and bonuses as you step up to every milestone in your Bitcasino journey. Follow the Loyalty Club hierarchy map below and gather amazing rewards on your way to becoming a hero! 

Milestone progress 

It’s a long journey to the top. Start as a beginner and end as a hero in your Bitcasino adventure:

Points needed
Point multiplier
6 to 3750
3751 to 30,000
30,001 to 250,000
250,001 to 750,000
750,001 to 3,750,000
3,750,001 to infinity

Loyalty Club rewards 

As you step up in rank, receive rewards that add thrill and excitement to your bets. Here are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy as a Loyalty Club member:

  • Free Spins – Enjoy winning real-money rewards on your favourite games without spending a dime out of your bankroll. With the Loyalty Club’s Free Spin rewards, you can now play with your preferred slot games and bask in the glory of your wins without the risks! 
  • Free Chips – Just like Free Spins, Free Chips gives you the opportunity to play your preferred tables games and win real-money prizes without a risk on your wager. Enjoy the thrill of your favourite table games and maximise your jackpot with your Free Chips from Bitcasino. 
  • Cashback rewards – Every prospect of a good win comes with risks. Don’t be afraid to chase the thrills and wins in your preferred game. As a loyal player in Bitcasino, you’ll be rewarded with cashback rewards based on a percentage of all your losses. Take the leap and aim for the jackpot! 

Be one with the VIPs!

Bitcasino has something special in store for our most valued players. Become a recognised high roller player and receive all the glory and rewards you deserve in Bitcasino’s VIP Club. Enjoy a never-ending list of exclusive perks and lavish benefits like the ones listed below: 

  • Your own VIP manager – Need help managing your BItcasino account? No worries! As a VIP, you are entitled to your personal VIP manager for an improved online casino experience so you can get the most out of what Bitcasino has to offer. 
  • Exclusive invites to famous events – Receive exclusive invites to exciting events all over the world. Travel and see the world through the lens of luxury and grandiosity as Bitcasino takes you on a cruise across the Adriatic Sea to witness events like FIFA World Cup, Golden Week, UEFA Championship and more. As a cherry on top, you are even free to stay in a luxurious 5-star hotel all on us! 
  • Never before seen offers and promotions – Bitcasino knows how to spoil our VIPs. And as one, you’ll enjoy hourly leaderboards, weekly rebate promotions, live raffles, no bet bonuses, Free Spins and more. Be the first to see new games and place your wager without limits! 

How to join the VIP Club 

Being a VIP comes with prestige and honour. Thus, it is only offered to the best of the best. In Bitcasino, the honour of becoming a VIP is received by high roller players consistent with patronising us. 

To capture our attention and prove you’re worthy of being a VIP, continuously place the highest bets on your favourite games. Wait until an invitation is sent and enjoy the prestige of being one of the elites!

Inside Bitcasino

Mobile Casino

Mobile Casino

People who are always on the go will love our site’s mobile version. Bitcasino is one of the most functional and responsive mobile casinos. Your gaming experience will be amazing on any phone, tablet, or phablet.


Casino Games

Choosing a game to play on our site will be easy. We boast a wide selection of slots, table games, and a live dealer casino. You can play the most popular casino games like Fruit Zen, Book of Dead, Baccarat, Poker, and Blackjack.



Slot games are some of the most entertaining games available in online casinos. The reels and paylines are easy to follow. You’ll love the different themes and bonus features that improve your chances and amount of winnings.



People who are always on the go will love our site’s mobile version. Bitcasino is one of the most functional and responsive mobile casinos. Your gaming experience will be amazing on any phone, tablet, or phablet.



Roulette is known as the oldest casino game in history. There are three types of Roulette: European Roulette, French Roulette, and American Roulette. You can play all three variants of roulette available here, in Bitcasino.



Poker masters say that you don’t play your cards, you play the person in front of you. So play the person in front of you online in Bitcasino. Choose your any variation of poker from Texas Hold’em, 5-card stud, to 7-card draw.



Poker masters say that you don’t play your cards, you play the person in front of you. So play the person in front of you online in Bitcasino. Choose your any variation of poker from Texas Hold’em, 5-card stud, to 7-card draw.


Live Casino

Live casino is popular among players because it gives off the vibe you get in real casinos. Our site’s live casino is powered by top-quality game providers. You can play Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, and various table games on our live casino.


Casino Rewards

Playing games in Bitcasino is more fun because of the promotions and bonuses we offer. Check out the various rewards that await you from Bitcasino’s Loyalty Club as well!

Casino gaming with cryptocurrencies 

Experience a revolutionary way to play with cryptocurrencies and change the way you bet! Cryptocurrency is a digital token you can use to exchange goods online. Since this digital currency operates using a public ledger called a blockchain, it ensures that your data is kept secured and protected from hackers. 

Additionally, cryptocurrencies don’t have a central authority controlling their flow and exchange. All of your transactions would be between you and the other end of your exchange only. What this also means is that you can experience a fast transaction since middlemen are no longer required in the process. 

As an icing on the cake, cryptocurrency also has a fast-changing value. This allows it to be used to make higher profits when you trade and invest it at just the right time. 

Crypto has everything you are looking for as a casino player. It’s fast, safe and profitable! Explore all the amazing benefits of using crypto for your gambles below: 


Cryptocurrency promotes pseudonymity and this is perfect for gamblers who don’t wish to make their identity available to the public. By using cryptocurrency in gambling, your deposits and other transactions remain anonymous and untraceable since you are not required to share your personal details to process a crypto transaction.


Crypto uses blockchain technology that stores interconnected data in multiple computers. What this means is that if a hacker attempts to tamper with your data, it would immediately be detected and prevented. As an added layer of security, every crypto wallet uses at least two layers of security where you have to input a unique set of codes before you or anyone can access your account.

Instant payments 

Unlike banks where you have to wait for 3 to 5 business days for your transaction to be processed, crypto takes no longer than 10 minutes. Even with the delays caused by the block size, it is still considered the fastest way for you to transact. There is no need to wait before you can start depositing and playing your favourite games to win real money rewards!


Crypto transactions charge less than what is required in bank transfers. With crypto, you won’t have to spend a huge percentage of your deposit as a service fee wherein banks take a percentage of your money when you want to process a transfer of funds. By playing with crypto, you can keep more of your wins without sacrificing most of them to excessive bank fees!

Optimised for online use 

Cryptocurrency was created to satisfy your needs on online platforms. With security and speed ensured, crypto offers a near-perfect solution for your online gambling needs unlike traditional bank transfers and credit cards that are sluggish and overall inefficient in ensuring your absolute security.


The most common fix is to refresh the page. If this doesn’t work, you can send a message to our support team on LiveChat. They are available 24/7 in most languages and are always willing to help.
The available currency options will adjust to your location. For cryptocurrency transactions, we accept BTC, ETH, and LTC.
Yes. Our gaming license is from Curacao.
You can buy Bitcoin from most external providers. However, partnered with to provide a simple service for users to buy crypto with a more attractive exchange rate and little to no transaction fees.
It’s easy to withdraw your winnings on our site. Just log in to your account, locate the Withdraw button, then choose the currency you are currently using. Simply select the amount you want to cash out.
We offer a lot of bonuses on our site. To check the bonuses you can claim, log in to your account then view your balance. Go to the bonuses tab then locate the bonus you want to claim by pressing Enable.
Verifying your account is an important step we require before you join our site. We implement this method because we want to ensure that you will be the one to benefit from your winnings.
Yes. The only information people can see that is linked to your address is your transactions.
Bitcoin gambling is becoming a trend because it’s easy, fast, and convenient. Compared to online casinos that use fiat currency for transactions, using Bitcoin has lower fees, and sometimes none. The players’ identity can remain anonymous when they use Bitcoin.
The equivalent of mBTC or millibitcoin is 0.001BTC. The uBTC or microbitcoin is equivalent to 0.000001 BTC.
Cryptocurrency is a digital alternative to fiat money. It pretty much functions like money. The only difference in cryptocurrency is that it’s not tangible like legal tender. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and are not regulated by any government. Cryptocurrency has a lot of variants. The most popular is Bitcoin.
- Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency introduced in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It’s a decentralized digital asset, which means it’s not regulated by any government. It can be shared from one user to another through an encrypted peer-to-peer network called blockchain. Bitcoins can be acquired through a process called mining. Bitcoins (and other types of cryptocurrencies) can be stored in a virtual wallet called e-wallet.

- ETH is a cryptocurrency created by the Ethereum platform. ETH is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. The name used to define the ‘coins’ produced by Ethereum is called ‘ether’. ETH is available to most e-wallets.

- Litecoin is a type of cryptocurrency that is closely similar to Bitcoin. The main difference between the two is that Litecoin can produce more coins at a much faster rate compared to Bitcoin.

- TRX is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies launched in 2018. TRX is the product of TRON, a blockchain that aims to improve the market where it’s easier to produce digital content applications. TRX is the ‘coins’ produced by TRON.
Creating your Bitcoin wallet is easy. An e-wallet is a program that has private and public keys that have transactions with different blockchains. This will allow you to make transactions like receiving and sending cryptocurrencies. There are different types of e-wallet available to Bitcoin users:

Hardware Wallet
- Hardware wallet is a type of Bitcoin wallet that stores a user’s access key(s) in a protected hardware device. Keys that are stored in hard wallets cannot be transferred to a different device and cannot be infected by malware.

Software Wallet
- Software wallets run like normal programs you install on your device(s). Virtual coins stored in this wallet are protected by encryption. You’ll need your password on every transaction. It is as secure as you make it on your device.

Cloud Wallet
- Cloud wallets are considered as the most convenient type of e-wallet to use. You are typically able to access your wallet from any of your trusted devices. Wallets almost always have state of the art encryption to protect the owner.
Bitcoins are digital assets stored in a wallet that can be accessed using a ‘private key’. This key acts as a digital signature that confirms any transaction made in the wallet. The wallet doesn’t necessarily contain the bitcoins.
Once you make a transaction in your wallet, it will automatically alert the blockchain regarding your transaction. After the transaction has been completed, all the information regarding your transaction will be processed.
Using Bitcoin is a way to make transactions hassle-free. While using BTC ensures tight security in all your transactions, there are still hazards you can encounter. Here are a few tips to add security to your bitcoin:

Have separate wallets
- Don’t use the same wallet for all your transactions and bitcoin savings. If you do, chances are, your e-wallet can be susceptible to different types of hazards. Have a separate wallet for all of your transactions and savings.

Don’t use one wallet for you BTC
- Online wallets are convenient to use if you want easy transactions. However, online wallets are more susceptible to breach. If your account gets opened by hackers, you will lose your bitcoins permanently.

Create a strong password
- Create a password that will be difficult to crack. Sharing your private key to your wallet is not advisable. Keep all your keys private and secure them in a place where only you can access and open.

Always have a back-up
- You also have to make sure that you have a backup of all your existing wallets. If you’re using multiple wallets, always make sure that your wallet information is stored safely in a secure place.
- Bitcoin transactions are recorded on a network. This network is accessible to the public. Anyone can look for the existing balance and transactions of a Bitcoin address. Only the identity of the owner remains hidden.

No Intermediaries
- One of the most important advantages of using bitcoin is it cannot be regulated by any government or financial institution. Since Bitcoin is decentralized, transactions using BTC has lesser fees compared to fiat currencies.

No Taxes
- Since Bitcoin cannot be tracked by any third parties, any transactions made with Bitcoin doesn’t have tax. You can purchase anything with bitcoin without having to pay for the additional tax set by the government.

Less Transaction Fees
- Sending money overseas using Bitcoin requires less exchange costs. If you use Bitcoin to send money to a different country, the cost is low compared to the amount asked when sending fiat.

Privacy and Security
- People who are interested in using Bitcoin should know that Bitcoin transactions are not fully private. That’s why Bitcoin users are always advised to create multiple wallets for different purposes.

Regulated Countries
- Bitcasino accepts players from different countries. Players from the USA, United Kingdom, and Australia are restricted from accessing our site. Bitcasino has its licence from Curacao gaming.
- Bitcoin was launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin can be acquired through a process called mining. Bitcoins can be sent through peer-to-peer encryption. Most Bitcoin transactions take up only a few minutes and has less transaction fees. That’s why online gamblers use it .

- Ethereum is a cryptocurrency launched in 2015. Ethereum is also a decentralized cryptocurrency that has its own blockchain ledger. Transactions using ETH only take 10-20 seconds. To know more about deposits and withdrawals using ETH, visit

- Litecoin is a type of cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin. It operates on the same encryption methods to make funds, transfer payments, and verifying transactions. Litecoin can accommodate more coins. It can also produce more coins at a faster rate than BTC.

Bitcasino is the First Licensed Online Crypto Casino operating since 2014. is owned and operated by Moon Technologies B.V. It is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao under the gaming license 1668/JAZ. Some payment methods are handled by its wholly owned subsidiary, mProcessing Solutions Ltd, Cyprus (Menandrou 4, 1066, Nicosia, Cyprus).

1 BTC = 28.658,84 USD
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