Place extra wagers with Bitcoin casino bonus rewards

Casino bonuses provide punters like you with extra opportunities to wager above your budget in casino games. Online casinos often give this as a show of appreciation for your patronage. These rewards come in various forms, including BTC prizes, free spins, and more.


These casino bonuses can be given for free or with a specific wager requirement. Make sure to check first to know whether you’re eligible or not.


There are many types of casino bonuses available at Bitcasino, which makes it one of the best platforms to wager at.


Read on to discover all the different online casino bonuses, their advantages, and how you can access them here at Bitcasino.

What is a casino bonus?

Casino bonuses are rewards online casinos provide to give you a chance to wager more without risking your budget. There are many ways to claim these rewards, available to new and existing punters.


Keep in mind that these wagers come in many forms and with different wagering requirements.


You should check specific casino bonuses to learn the terms and conditions so you can access them.


Types of casino bonuses you can access at online casinos

As we’ve said, casino bonuses come in different forms. That means they offer different rewards such as crypto prizes, free spins, cashback, and more. These rewards are also given for various reasons, so you may not be eligible for all of them.

Learn more about the different types of casino rewards and how you can claim them using our guide below:

Registration bonus

Registration bonuses are a reward given when you sign up to the online casino platform. Typically, the only requirement to attain this bonus is to create an account. However, some casinos have added terms, including finishing the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, updating your profile, and more.

Welcome bonus

Welcome bonuses are designed as a greeting to new punters to the casino. However, to claim the Welcome bonus, most casinos require you to place your first deposit before you can receive it. Additionally, these bonuses can come as Bitcoin rewards, free spins, free bets, or more.

No deposit bonus

When it comes to a no deposit casino bonus, you’ll receive the rewards without depositing on the platform. They often come in the form of free credits or free spins.


This type of reward is a great way to check out the games available at the casino without risking your funds.


That way, you can find the best casino games you want to play and win massive prizes without using your budget.


Progressive spins

Progressive spins are a type of bonus that you can access by joining a casino promotion for slot games. With this type of bonus, you typically receive more spins once you reach the specific milestones set for the game. 

Free spins

Free Spins, as the name suggests, rewards you with spins on slot games without using your funds. There are many ways to claim free spins at online casinos, such as a bonus drop or by participating in a promotion.

Reload bonus

A reload bonus is a reward you can claim by placing another deposit on the online casino. This is typically given to existing players as a show of gratitude for continuing to play on the platform.

There are different types of reload bonuses. One way is where the online casino will match your deposit with a specific percentage.


For example, if you place 100 BTC with a 50% reload bonus, your deposit will increase to 150 BTC.

Another way to claim a reload bonus is by meeting the amount required by the casino. This means depositing the specific amount allows you to claim the bonus.


Say the online casino requires a minimum deposit of 100 BTC for an additional 50 BTC. When you deposit 100 BTC or more, then you’ll receive the promised 50 BTC credited back to your account.


No wagering requirement bonus

As the name implies, you can receive various bonuses without placing a wager first. This can also come in varying forms, including free spins, cash prizes, and more.


Cashback is a great casino bonus that provides you with the ability to gain back a percentage of your losses. It ensures you can reclaim a portion of your wagers that resulted in a loss.

The percentage you can receive varies depending on the casino, and they can come in the form of cash rewards or free bets. Additionally, there may be conditions you must meet to be eligible for the cashback rewards, including the minimum deposit amounts, your casino activity, or whether you’ve opted into a cashback promotion or not.

Mobile casino bonus

Mobile casino bonuses are typical bonuses you’d find when playing at online casinos. However, these are only available for mobile players and may require specific terms, including downloading the mobile app or playing using your mobile device.

Friend referral bonus

Many casinos offer referral bonuses which reward you for every player you bring to the platform. When encouraging your friends to play at the casino using your Bitcasino bonus code or unique link, you will receive bonus rewards each time someone uses it to register on the platform.

The type of rewards you can receive varies depending on the casino platform. However, the most common types of referral rewards include monetary rewards, a percentage of the house edge from the referee’s deposits and wagers, and others.

VIP bonus

VIP Bonuses are reserved for an online casino’s most valued punters and can be earned when you become a VIP player. This type of bonus is often the most rewarding since it’s exclusive to the top players of the online casino. 

Here at Bitcasino, the many rewards our VIP punters enjoy include weekly bonuses, wager-free rewards, high-value gifts, exclusive promotions, and more.


Becoming a casino VIP at Bitcasino is reserved for the top punters of the platform. To be invited into the program, you need to be a consistent punter with massive wagers.


Once you’ve shown that you’re among our best high-rollers, you’ll get invited into our VIP club and enjoy all the bonuses that come with it.


Why Bitcasino bonus rewards are the best in the industry

Bitcasino is known as one of the best crypto casino platforms, and our rewarding bonuses are only one of the many reasons why. Listed below are the ways you can further take advantage of the bonuses available on the platform:

No need to exchange money! You can bet with Bitcoin directly

As one of the first crypto casinos established worldwide, Bitcasino allows you to use your Bitcoin funds to wager. The reason for this is Bitcoin is one of the most convenient modes of payment thanks to its 24/7 accessibility, anonymity, and security.

No identification documents are required when withdrawing money

One of the many hassles of paying with fiat, specifically using bank transfers, is that you must provide your information to withdraw your winnings. With Bitcoin as your primary currency, you can withdraw your funds seamlessly without worrying about inputting your financial information.


Bitcoin transfers are anonymous and protected by cryptography. By using your crypto wallet, you can make the transfer without the need for personal information.


The withdrawal is also quick and hassle-free. No matter what time you choose to withdraw your funds, you can rest assured that the transfer can be done in minutes.


Events and campaigns are held from time to time! Many chances to win prizes


When you play at Bitcasino, you can enjoy tons of opportunities to claim bonus rewards.


The reason for this is we consistently offer various promotions for you to participate in. With our promotions, you can win up to thousands of BTC rewards.


Are you curious to know what these promotions are? Here are some of the top promos we have with the best online casino bonuses:

The Weekend Rush

If you’re looking forward to the thrill of casino gaming at the end of the week, then The Weekend Rush is the best promotion for you. Up to 1,750 USDT (29 mBTC) is yours when you participate in the promotion. 

To earn this reward, you need to wager on the games available on the platform. When you meet the wagering requirement, you can earn points that increase your position on the leaderboard. When you make it to the top 100 of the leaderboard, you can claim a share from the 5,000 USDT (145 mBTC) prize pool.

Up to 20% cashback

As a new player at Bitcasino, you can receive BTC rewards when you play your favourite games for 7 days. On the 8th day, you’ll receive 20% cashback worth up to 10,000 USDT (290 mBTC). While we currently don’t have a Bitcasino registration bonus available, cashback is one of the best offers we have for our new punters.

Advantages of using Bitcoin casino bonuses for players

There are various crypto options available at Bitcasino, but Bitcoin is by far the best coin to use for your wagers.


As the first crypto created, it’s a coin that’s widely available across the world. It also ensures provably fair gaming that allows you to verify the game's fairness.


Using BTC also promises anonymity, security, fast transactions with low fees, and is decentralised. These qualities and more make it the perfect coin


When you use Bitcoin for your casino wagers, here are the biggest casino bonus benefits you can enjoy:

Enjoy increased bankroll

When you’re rewarded with Bitcoin as a casino bonus, you can use it for your next wager. That means you can earn massive rewards with your bet without even touching your funds.

Experience risk-free gaming and the opportunity to try new games

With Bitcoin casino bonuses on hand, you can use it to try games you haven’t before. This allows you to check out other games and wager on them without worry. This is a risk-free option to wager and win massive rewards you will enjoy.

Privacy and anonymity

Bitcoin is considered one of the best financial alternatives to fiat money due to the anonymity it provides and its impressive security. These two main qualities make it the best coin to use for online betting since it offers great protection from hackers and other malicious entities who may want to steal your winnings. 

Fast and secure transaction

Unlike traditional financial options, Bitcoin is widely available across the globe and can be accessed anytime over the internet. It also offers instant withdrawals, which means you can make your transfers within seconds. 

As a safeguard, your transaction will be entered into the ‘mempool’, which stores the data until the transaction is finalised. After this, multiple confirmations are requested until the transaction is accepted.

Potential drawbacks and limitations to be aware of with Bitcoin betting

Bitcoin has many benefits, making it a compelling option for many. However, before using it for your crypto wagers, it’s also essential to have a look at its possible drawbacks. Here are some of the most common ones:

Wagering requirements

Many casino bonuses have wagering requirements, including the minimum betting amount. This may be difficult for some since Bitcoin is one of the top cryptos, which makes it expensive. This, in turn, makes it difficult for some to meet the deposit requirements, which can be a potential drawback.

Limited availability

Even though Bitcoin is the most widely accepted Bitcoin, some regions don’t allow it. If you’re living in a region that restricts crypto, you’ll have difficulties accessing Bitcoin to use for casino betting.

Volatility of Bitcoin

Cryptos are volatile currencies since their value is determined by demand. This means that its price can fluctuate, which is risky since the value of your wagers and prices can change according to the current market conditions.


Despite the volatility, Bitcoin is arguably the most in-demand coin in the world. This means that despite the fluctuating nature of crypto, Bitcoin still has the highest value among them.

Terms and conditions

Online casino platforms have rigorous terms and conditions you’re required to meet. This can include KYC registration, play-through requirements, withdrawal requirements, and more. It’s important to review these beforehand so you can determine whether you’re eligible to play on the platform using Bitcoin.

Lack of regulation

Bitcoin operates as a decentralised financial system, which allows network members to have complete control over their finances. It also ensures that there is no third-party interference. However, with this kind of freedom, it also means you’re solely responsible for how you use your funds. 

If you mistakenly register and deposit funds on an unreliable crypto platform, then your funds may be at risk. In such a case, you’ll find it difficult to retrieve your assets.


To avoid this risk, conduct thorough research on the platform you’re using to ensure they are legitimate and licensed.

How to receive and use casino bonuses at Bitcasino

Now that you have all the information necessary to distinguish casino bonuses, it’s time to go over how you can claim them here at Bitcasino. Learn more about it below:

1. All account registration

To access the casino bonuses available at Bitcasino, you first need to be a registered punter. Head to the sign-up page and provide the required information, such as your username, email address, phone number, date of birth, and password.

Alternatively, you can register by connecting your accounts on platforms such as Google, Metamask, X (formerly Twitter), Line, Telegram, Apple, or Ton Keeper.

2. Payment

Many of the casino bonuses available on the platform require a minimum wagering amount, so be sure to fund your account with Bitcoin to be eligible. To do this, click the ‘deposit’ button on the top right section of the grid and select Bitcoin as your preferred mode of transaction. Copy the QR code or crypto address provided to link it to your crypto wallet and finalise the transaction.

3. Bonus application

Once your account is completely set up, make sure to visit the promotions page at Bitcasino. Select the ones that intrigue you and check whether you meet the Bitcasino bonus conditions. When you do, opt into the promotion and follow the mechanics to win the rewards.

4. Gameplay

After opting into the promotion, you can now enjoy the eligible games to earn the casino bonus. There are various promos available on the platform, meaning you can participate depending on your choice of betting game, such as slots, table games, live dealers, and more.

5. Withdrawal

Once you’ve succeeded in the promotions you participated in, you have the option to use your winnings to wager on more games. Once you’re fully satisfied with your gameplay, you can then withdraw your winnings.

Take advantage of the best casino bonuses at Bitcasino

Bitcasino is a great platform for those looking to take advantage of the many casino bonuses available on the platform. It offers enticing opportunities to expand your winnings without risking your BTC funds. Don’t miss out on the chance to see your winnings grow when you claim our thrilling Bitcasino bonus rewards. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can you win with casino bonuses?


Yes, you can. Casino bonuses are rewards given by online casinos to help you win without risking all your betting funds.


Which bonuses require a bonus code?


Various types of bonuses require a bonus code. However, the most common bonuses that require this are referral bonuses. To earn the reward, you need to share your referral code with interested punters and encourage them to use it during registration.


Why did my loyalty program level go down?


Most loyalty programs determine the player’s loyalty according to their playtime and wager amount. To maintain your loyalty program level, you need to consistently play on the platform and wager impressive amounts.