Get the most out of your gameplay with the best Bitcasino bonus

Bitcasino offers a variety of rewards to celebrate active players and help you enhance your casino gaming experience. These bonuses can extend your playtime and boost your winning chances on the casino games you love.

Our Help Your Bonuses section explains the bonuses available, how to claim them, and answers to any questions. Read ahead and get ready to unlock a world of exciting rewards at Bitcasino.

What types of bonuses does Bitcasino offer?

There are three main online casino bonuses: free spins, free chips, and cash bonuses. Have a look at them below.

Bitcasino free spins bonus

Bitcasino regularly holds fun events where you can win free spins. When you do, you’ll see a notification in the bottom left corner of your screen. Free spins let you play certain slot games for free and win real money without risking your own. Just head over to the eligible games and start spinning.

All free spins come with no withdrawal requirements. Moreover, you can enjoy your winnings from that bonus anytime without any extra conditions. Always check the promotions and tournament pages to see what free spin promotions are available.

Bitcasino free chips bonus

With free chips, you can raise the stakes without risking your funds. You can use these chips to wager at the tables risk-free and keep any winnings with no withdrawal requirements. You can claim free chips by joining Bitcasino’s promotions and tournaments like free spins.

Watch for a notification on your screen to get your hands on these sweet rewards. Once you see it, go to the eligible table games and place your bets.

Bitcasino cash bonus

You can grow your bankroll with cash bonuses, like free cash added to your account balance. These automatically reflect in your account, so there’s no extra work needed to claim them. You will get a notification when you’ve got some extra free cash to play with.

Like previous rewards, you can win cash bonuses through promotions and tournaments. With a cash bonus in your account, you’ll be ready to hit the reels or tables more confidently and hopefully score bigger wins by playing longer.

Bitcasino refer a friend bonus

You can also win rewards by sharing the thrills of Bitcasino with your friends. Give them your unique Bitcasino bonus code or referral link to sign up with. You'll earn rewards when someone uses your link to make a new account. The more your referrals engage in the site, the bigger the rewards you can get, with a max bonus of 5,000 USDT.

Bitcasino loyalty programme

To give thanks to the most loyal players, Bitcasino has a loyalty programme in place. The Loyalty Club has seven tiers, each offering increasingly valuable milestone rewards. You can claim free spins, chips, cash bonuses, and other personalised rewards.

Loyalty Levels and rewards

You’ll earn Loyalty Level Points (LP) every time you place a real money bet on Bitcasino games. These points contribute to your Loyalty Level, and the higher you rank, the better the rewards get.


Level Points

Milestone rewards

Beginner (Level 1)

0 to 4


Fan (Level 2)

5 to 3,749 

1 milestone reward

Expert (Level 3)

3,750 to 29,999

6 milestone rewards

Master (Level 4)

30,000 to 249,999

12 milestone rewards

Guru (Level 5)

250,000 to 749,999

11 milestone rewards

Legend (Level 6)

750,000 to 3,749,999

12 milestone rewards

Hero (Level 7)


Unlimited milestone rewards

Bitcasino VIP club

Claim special bonuses when you become a Bitcasino VIP club member. You can get several exclusive benefits such as:

  • High-value rewards tailored just for you
  • Weekly bonuses with no wagering requirements
  • A dedicated personal account manager
  • Unlimited deposits and withdrawals via crypto
  • 24/7 priority in customer service support
  • Luxury holiday gifts and personalised deals.

How to receive cash bonuses at Bitcasino


You can get cash bonuses through ongoing promotions or tournaments like other rewards. Once you’ve scored a cash bonus, it automatically adds to your account balance.

Forfeiting Bitcasino bonuses

Cash bonuses are one of the most popular rewards at Bitcasino, giving you a direct boost to your bankroll. While they might be the most attractive bonus, they’re also the most prone to misuse.

If our team suspects a player may have taken advantage of a bonus by violating its guidelines, we’ll have to act. This could mean:

  • Forfeiting the bonus and any winnings from it
  • Confiscating any bonus funds involved
  • Limiting your access to certain features or future promotions
  • Closing your account in extreme cases.

Using software or sneaky tactics to get ahead of other players is prohibited and considered abuse. 

How do you bet with bonus money?

Check the specific Bitcasino bonus you want to avail. If withdrawal requirements exist, you must first wager the bonus and any winnings several times. Without doing this, you can’t cash out your bonus money. The required percentage varies by game type. Here’s a quick guide:

Game type

Wagering percent



Table games


Live dealer games


Always review the terms and conditions for complete details. Some games can’t use bonus money for betting. However, rest assured, the list of excluded games is short compared to the thousands of others available for wagering.

Factors to consider when choosing Bitcasino bonuses

Ever got excited about a bonus, only to realise you can’t use it how you want? Casino bonuses can be extra funds or free spins added to your gameplay. In a way, it lets you play using ‘house money’. With these rewards, you can explore a risk-free way to try new games without dipping into your funds. 

However, not all bonuses are created equal. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a casino bonus to make sure it truly works for you:

1. Bonus type

Bitcasino throws exciting bonuses your way, but picking the right one depends on your playing style. Think about what would help your gameplay the most. Free spins may not be your best choice if you’re not a fan of slots.

2. Wagering requirements

Some bonuses require a set amount of cash to wager before you can withdraw your bonus winnings. Choose one with wagering requirements you can realistically meet. Don’t miss out on a great reward because the terms were too tough for you.

3. Minimum deposit

Some bonuses will need a minimum deposit to be active. Before selecting a bonus, make sure you can afford it. At Bitcasino, the bonus preview already shows the minimum deposit amount upfront. This makes it easier for you to find which bonus fits your budget. You must make deposits in full, as we won't add up small deposits.

4. Game eligibility

Not all bonuses work on all games. Before claiming a bonus, ensure it applies to the games you enjoy playing. There’s no point in claiming a bonus you won’t be using.

5. Expiry date

Bonuses don’t last forever! Most are valid only for 30 days, while free spins typically expire after 48 hours. Ensure you have enough time to meet the wagering requirements before the bonus disappears.

By looking at these factors, you can opt for a Bitcasino bonus that perfectly suits your playing style. This way, you can maximise your winning potential.

Common issues encountered with Bitcasino bonuses

Below is a breakdown of the common bonus problems and solutions. If you can’t find your specific issue, it’s best to consult the detailed FAQs in our Help Centre.

Loyalty Level expiring

If your Loyalty Level expires, it means you didn’t earn enough points to stay on that tier. You keep your level and rewards for the month you reach them. However, your points reset to 0 at the start of the following month. This means you must earn enough points again to keep your level, or it’ll expire.

Here’s an example scenario:

Let’s say you reach the ‘Master’ level with 30,000 points on January 22nd. You get to enjoy all Master perks until the end of February. But on February 1st, your points reset. You’ll need to collect another 30,000 points before the end of February to stay a Master in March.

Bonus disappearing

There are two main reasons why a bonus disappears from your account: 

  1. You’ve already used the reward
  2. The bonus had expired. 

To avoid any unwanted surprises, read the terms and conditions of each bonus carefully, especially the expiry date. Doing so lets you plan your gameplay and make the most of your bonus before it becomes invalid.

Activating the wrong bonus

If you’ve chosen the wrong bonus or have second thoughts after revisiting the terms and conditions, you can cancel it. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Go to the ‘Rewards’ section on your profile
  3. Look for the specific bonus you want to cancel 
  4. Click on the ‘forfeit’ button

The bonus will be removed from your account. Remember that forfeiting means losing the reward and any winnings you’ve already earned. So, make sure you’re 100% sure before clicking that button.

If you have any unresolved problems, our friendly customer support team is ready to assist you. Just click on the 24/7 live chat box for an instant chat or send an email if it’s more convenient. For VIP members, get in touch with your account managers.

How to redeem Bitcasino bonuses?

Claiming a bonus is simple. But keep in mind that only one can be active at a time. If you want to use a new one, you must cancel your current bonus first. Here’s how to get started with enjoying the available bonuses:

Create a Bitcasino account

The first step is to register for an account if you don’t have one yet. Follow these steps:

Step 1

Visit the Bitcasino website or mobile app and look for the ‘Play Now’ button

Step 2

Enter your username, email address, date of birth, and create a strong password

Step 3

You can also sign up quickly by connecting your accounts from Line, Google, etc.

Step 4

Tick the age requirements and terms and conditions. Don’t forget to do the reCAPTCHA.

The process takes no more than 15 seconds, ensuring you can get started on your Bitcasino gaming in no time.

Deposit funds into your account

You’ll need to add funds to your account before you can start betting in real modes. Depositing is easy at Bitcasino, as you only need to choose your preferred method and deposit amount. For crypto users, just scan the QR code or copy the wallet address to link it to your wallet and complete the transaction.

Since Bitcasino offers bonuses to active players, play casino games often. Doing this lets you climb the Loyalty Levels and show your value as a player. Moreover, check out ongoing promotions to always take advantage of exclusive deals.

Join tournaments to qualify for exclusive rewards

Bitcasino tournaments are limited-time events where you compete against other players to win prizes. Each tournament has its rules and lasts for a specific time, shown on the tournament page. Joining is optional, but if you want to earn rewards, you should enter these events. Visit the tournaments page and click the ‘Opt-in’ button to join.

During the tournament, you’ll rack up points based on how you play according to the specific mechanics. The more points you score, the higher you climb on the leaderboard, putting you in line for incredible rewards.

Types of Bitcasino Tournaments

There are three types of tournaments offered:

1. Total bet amount

This ranks players based on the highest turnover reached during the tournament. Points are given based on the stake amount, not the number of bets. So, if Player A makes one bet of 50 USDT, they’ll earn more points than Player B, who makes 10 bets of 2 USDT each.

2. Total number of bets

This ranks players based on the most bets made during the tournament. For instance, if Player A makes 10 bets of 2 USDT each, they’ll earn more points than Player B, wagering 50 USDT at once.

3. Highest payout rate

Ranks players based on the highest payout rate for a single bet. If Player A wins 2 USDT from a 0.2 USDT bet, they’ll earn more points than Player B, winning 10 USDT from a 5 USDT bet.

Check your available rewards

Go to your account’s ‘Rewards’ page to see all available rewards and their wagering requirements. Choose a reward, check if you meet the conditions, and click ‘Enable’ before depositing. 

Here’s how to activate the Bitcasino bonus:

Step 1

Click the ‘Bonus’ tab on your profile

Step 2

Enter the bonus code for your reward (if any)

Step 3

If you want to enable a new reward, forfeit the current one.

Track your Milestone progress

Check your progress by visiting the ‘Loyalty’ section in your profile. It shows your current tier, points needed for the next level, and rewards you can claim.

Keep an eye out for Casino Boosts

The Casino Boost feature bumps up your payouts. It multiplies your wins by a certain percentage for an added cash prize. When a Casino Boost campaign is live, you’ll see a banner on the homepage with all the essential details: Qualified games, Boost percent, Duration, and more.

How to join Casino Boosts:

Click the button next to the timer in an eligible game to activate the boost. Once activated, the timer counts down, multiplying any winnings you score during that period by the specified percentage. You'll receive the multiplied amount as a boost reward.

Bitcasino bonuses: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Online casino bonuses are incentives to thank new players and reward existing ones. They come in various forms, including deposit match bonuses, free spins, cashback bonuses and more.
At Bitcasino, there’s no welcome bonus. Instead, we reward you for playing with our Loyalty Club. We also regularly give out bonuses through promotions and tournaments.
Unless stated otherwise in the bonus agreement, bonuses are valid for 30 days, while free spins are valid for 48 hours. Withdrawal conditions must be met within these timeframes.
We offer bonuses through regular promotions and tournaments. Meanwhile, all registered players will receive notices about upcoming events, so make sure to add Bitcasino to your safe senders list.
Tournaments are time-limited promotional offers where you play against other players. Each tournament lasts for a set time, and you earn points based on your performance. These points determine the leaderboard positions and the rewards you get.
This is the amount you must wager before withdrawing bonus funds or winnings from them.