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Welcome to the awesome world of live dealer games in Bitcasino.

Live casinos are a new form of online gambling where you can experience the authentic feel of traditional land casinos. Our site offers the best live-casino where you can play various casino table games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker with friendly and experienced dealers.

What Is a Live Casino?

What draws the line between a live and an automated online casino? A live casino mimics the human touch that a player can get at an actual physical casino. You basically play against a professional dealer rather than a computer in live casinos.

An online casino may miss the glamour of flashing lights and the clapping of spectators when a big win is landed. However, we make amends with the classic online casino convenience with our hosts that can communicate with you in real-time.

Our live games occur in studios that combine real-time footage of dealers and efficient electronic data processing. While we do all the techy details for you, you can bet in a virtual game room with punters all across the globe!

Our live studios have a multi-camera feature that lets players have a complete view of the table at different angles. Expect smooth close-ups of cards, cutaways and wide-angle shots. Each game will then be recorded by cameras positioned in various angles and saved for future playback.

Whatever game you want to play in our collection of live casino games, we can assure you the highest quality iGaming experience!

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How It Works

After online casinos made itself available in the market in the early 90s, a new innovation was introduced in 2003 to make playing casino games more interesting and entertaining for players. As we’ve said earlier, a live casino operates to give a casino-like vibe to the player. It has three main sections that will allow you to have a real-time fun.


Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition or OCR is considered as one of the most important key features when it comes to a live casino. OCR’s technology allows you to have an interactive experience while playing.


Web Camera

Web cameras record everything that’s happening while you’re playing. The camera also allows you to see what’s happening on the other side of your screen. During the early inception of the live casino, big cameras were used to record everything.


Game Control Unit (GCU)

The GCU is perhaps the most important feature of a live casino. This system assists the dealer in operating the game and stores the game’s progress and gives it to the players.



The live dealers complete the whole real-time experience of players. Dealers are trained before being allowed to play live with players. In Bitcasino, our dealers are trained professionals to make your gaming experience a good one.


Table and Wheels

Tables and wheels that are used in live casino are made up of sensors that can turn game results into information for you to access.



Monitors are the channel where the player and dealer can see each other. It will allow you and your dealer to interact with each other. It also allows the dealer to record the bets and to close rounds. Monitors also allow players and dealers to communicate through the Live Chat.

Games You Can Play in Our Live Casino

You can play a wide selection of our table games in our live casinos. You can enjoy these games real-time with our experienced and friendly dealers.

Live Casino Lobby

You can easily select your pick from our selection of games. With our easy to navigate Live Casino Lobby, you can easily view the game occurring at each table. You can also switch games easily in the Lobby whenever you want to.

Other information that can be provided in the Lobby is the number of punters allowed per table and already in-play. The Minimum and Maximum Bets are also noted in each table. Some tables also have a specific time frame that can be seen in the lobby.

Before deciding on whether to play Blackjack or Baccarat, do not forget to view the tables’ basic gameplay as it may be different from what you could be expecting!

Live Baccarat

Baccarat was the first game to become widely available in live dealer casinos. It is also known as the favourite game of high-roller players because of its simple gameplay. The traditional ‘Punto Banco’ Baccarat game is often offered on our site. It has multi-seat tables as well as single-player ones.

Baccarat has very easy gameplay wherein you do not need to deal with your own cards. Instead of handling your own hand, you will need to bet on the Player vs the Banker game as they race for a total card value of exactly or closer to nine (9). You can also wager on a tie, with the lowest odds but bigger earnings.

The various types available in our casino also have slight differences when it comes to the rules. This means that you have to be familiar with them before the start of your game session. The rules and odds for each variant may vary from casino to casino. Be sure to go over the description before you enter the room and wager your real money.

Live Casino Hold’em

Play the most popular variant of poker in Bitcasino with our high-tech live casino. Live dealer casino for Poker games are slightly different. They are not like the traditional Poker games that are found in the standard online Poker rooms.

This is because players have to compete against the house, rather than against other players. If you want to play against other players, join an online Poker tournament instead. Moreover, the deals are done in real-time instead of being simulated by computer software.

Bitcasino’s software providers like Evolution Gaming and Playtech provide some of the best Poker games you will find online. This is because their live Poker games have special features.

In some games, the Ante bet grants you with a few pocket cards. You can also take a peek at the flop.

In case you choose to call, you may look at the dealer’s cards, the River, and the Turn. Your payout will be based on the hand that you have. Some other variations also let players check or raise after the Flop, Turn or River.

Special features like these give players a different Poker experience. Expect that it will stray far from the usual. Poker and its variations are commonly associated with bluffing.

Live Roulette

A single Roulette table is used and the dealer can handle even an infinite number of playing requests. This means that you will be eligible for instant play whenever you log into your account

The most popular variations of Roulette are available in Bitcasino. Most players usually play in European Roulette. Its other variants like French and the American Roulette are also popular among players who like the extra challenge.

There is no difference between the wheels and the tables available in most land and online casinos. The goal of the game should remain the same. However, you should be aware that the three variants have different payout odds and house edges.

Live Blackjack

Each live dealer casino should have Blackjack among the available options that its players can play. The most popular types of live Blackjack are the classic multi-player table that has seven seats and the one to many options. The latter, however, is not too appealing to players who prefer to engage in a traditional game of Blackjack.

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Celebrate gaming excellence when you play some of the worlds best and brightest, right here at Bitcasino
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The Bombay Club Feature

At Bitcasino, it’s important that we exceed the expectations we have set for ourselves. With live gaming being a usual in other online casinos as well, we are proud to introduce a new Bitcasino feature that will level up your gaming experience!

In the partnership of Coingaming Group and Evolution Gaming, we have created the Asian-themed Bombay Club High-Roller studio for our VIPs.
The Bombay Club Studio released just earlier this year supports these six main games:

  • Blackjack Classic
  • Speed Roulette
  • Speed Baccarat
  • Squeeze Baccarat
  • Salon Prive Blackjack
  • Salon Prive Baccarat

In case you are pressured by a lot of people betting on other tables, try your luck on the Salon Prive Tables! These are made exclusively for individual players. Now, you can really take your time in placing those bets.

Our Salon Prive Hosts are experienced to help you with any of your live gaming needs. A key factor that we have installed is our covered languages. We have extended our languages so that the Club’s hosts can talk to you in your native or other preferred language.

If you are craving for high winnings, you can also play at our high-limit tables with other VIPs.

Tips for Live Casino

We know that playing in live casinos is fun. It’s fun, easy, and most of all convenient. If you’re craving the atmosphere of a casino, but don’t have the energy to visit one, playing live casino games is your answer.

While playing live casino games is easy and fun, you shouldn’t take it for granted. Here are a few tips to increase your live casino gameplay.
Have a strategy

Have a strategy

Don’t place wagers if you don’t have a strategy to follow. Devise an effective strategy before you play any game for real money. Familiarize yourself with the different techniques of the table games you want to play. This will ensure that you will get minimal losses in your funds.

Set a limit to your bankroll

The golden in gambling is you should never bet money you can’t lose. Set a limit to your betting funds. You can do it on a weekly or monthly basis. Doing this strategy will help you lessen your losses in gambling.

Try out different table games

Play different table games if you can. Just because you’re an expert in playing a certain table game doesn’t mean you’re not free to try other table games. Just make sure that before you play a different game, you’re familiar with the rules first.

Advantages of Live Dealer Games

There’s a reason why playing in live casinos is making a buzz among players. It’s the perfect way to spice up any game night. Playing in live casinos sure does have its perks because it breaks the monotonous mood if you’re playing on your own. Here are a few advantages you can get from playing in live casinos.

It’s more fun

Playing with live dealers is more fun because it makes your gaming much more exciting and realistic. Other than the real company provided by hosts, the set up in live casino mimics the mood of an actual casino because you can see tables, wheels, cards, and more.

High-tech gaming experience

Bitcasino’s live casinos are powered by the best game providers. Experience high-quality gaming experience because all the features you can access on our site are designed by the best and cutting-edge developers like Evolution Gaming.

More bonuses

Amazing bonuses are what awaits you when you play live casino games on our site. We have a variety of casino bonuses you can enjoy if you play with us.

Live Chat feature

Using our live casino isn’t just limited to playing. You can also interact with our friendly live dealers. If you have any concerns or questions, our dealers will be ready to assist you.

Native speaking dealer tables are a plus

Top software providers cater to live dealer games to suit players who live in non-English speaking countries. This is because they have grown so popular outside of Europe and the rest of the world. We are devoted to providing 24/7 service to players no matter where they are. You will find that our site has live tables available in various languages to serve you with all different demands and needs.

Live-Casino Etiquette

Study the Game

Before participating in any live casino game, make sure that you know the rules. If you don’t know how the game is played, study the game first and make sure you can keep with the pace of the live-dealer. While live-dealers will give time to explain the rules to you, they run on a strict schedule that needs to be followed.

Make sure you’re in the right headspace

Don’t drink while you’re playing with a live dealer. While a few drinks here and there won’t do any harm, it’s still advisable that you are sober and coherent when interacting with live-dealers. This will help you avoid more losses while playing casino games.

Be respectful when interacting with the dealers

Always keep in mind to treat your dealers accordingly. Whatever issue you are having while playing, never take it out on the live dealers. There are certain rules and regulations you need to follow. If you experience loss while playing, don’t treat the dealers badly.

Whether it is a live game or an online slot or casino game, you should know that Bitcasino can give you a gaming experience well worth your time and Bitcoin! Choose from our collection of over 2000 games and be ready to have fun!


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