Aviator Casino Game: Reach for the sky and win exciting prizes 

Looking for new casino games that offer exciting prizes and thrilling gaming experiences? Don’t look any further, as the Aviator casino game is here to offer you a memorable and exciting casino experience. The sky's the only limit in this easy-to-play casino craze.

Try its feature and use your skills to win up to 10,000 USDT in the Aviator game. Discover all its features and revel in its hair-raising gameplay mechanics when you continue reading. Know how to play Aviator and hope for wins in every round here at Bitcasino!

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Learn more about it and how the game works here at Bitcasino.


This luck-based casino game will hook every player. Continue reading below and prepare to win up to 10,000 USDT


Learn the basics: What is the Aviator casino game?


I want to learn more about Aviator casino. What are its features?


We will help you learn everything about Aviator casino.


That’s right! You’re on the right page! Continue reading below to learn more about Aviator casino and its features.

Aviator is a casino game developed by the gaming provider Spribe. Founded in 2018, Spribe is popular for creating unique and innovative games, providing players with a different gaming experience than traditional casino games.

As the name suggests, Aviator is a casino game with an aeroplane theme. When you enter the game, you'll see a red plane ready to take off and a chart that will take you to new heights of multipliers and coefficients for your bets.

There are no tough rules to learn or understand, making it simple and perfect for any player. If you are familiar with crash games, learning how to play this game is easy because of the similarities of the two games. 


When you start the game, the aeroplane takes off, increasing the coefficient the higher it goes. Your goal here is to cash out while the aeroplane is flying. The prizes you can receive depend on the multiplier corresponding to the flight time. In this game, the longer the flight time, the higher the multiplier. 

However, you can’t cash out any prizes when the plane crashes. When this happens, you lose your bet. This game is luck and skill-based. So, the key to winning this game is to cash out at the right moment.

Most Aviator rounds last only a few to tens of seconds. Therefore, it’s ideal for those who want to play a quick casino game in a short amount of time.


Aviator casino game offers many features that add thrill to your gaming experience. Take a look at them below before the plane takes off: 

Fun Mode 

The Aviator casino game is available in Fun Mode, so you can learn how the game works before wagering real money. Once familiar with the game, you can place your bet at 0.1 USDT up to 100 USDT.  

Live chat 

Enjoy the game with other players through the live chat feature. Aviator is one of the few online games that gives an authentic casino experience, allowing you to interact with other players. Through this, you can ask for strategies, tips and advice.

Live bets 

See other players’ bets through the live bets tab. This is perfect if you want to compare or have an idea of other players' bets in the game and the multipliers they have won. 

Live statistics 

Access your and other players’ previous bets through the live statistics feature. Moreover, you have the option to filter what would appear on the screen in three different types: 

  • All bets - Wagers and winnings of all players
  • Your bet - Your wager with the date, bet amount, winnings and multiplier.
  • Top bet - The highest daily, monthly and annual winnings, along with their multiplier.

Autoplay and auto cashout

Aviator's autoplay and auto-cash features let you experience the excitement of winning without manually clicking the cashout button. You may enable Autoplay to play numerous rounds with a specific stake and payout at desired multipliers. 

Meanwhile, auto-cash guarantees you receive your payout immediately if the plane reaches a certain location.

Free bets

Play for free with Aviator’s free bet bonus. You’ll know if you have free bets by going to the Free Bets section of the game. Then, you can find the available free bets with expiration dates there. 

Provably fair 

Spribe Gaming’s Aviator uses provably fair technology to reassure you that all the results in the game are fair. This technology makes it impossible for third-party software to interfere with the game, ensuring 100% fairness in the result. 

Moreover, the Aviator casino game uses a Random Number Generator (RNG) to decide when the plane will crash.

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Aviator casino payout systems and winning odds


You need to know more about this Aviator game.

Payout systems

Start placing your bet and cash out right away based on your preferred multiplier. Your prize will depend on the multiplier, which starts at 1x and can skyrocket indefinitely. This game has a maximum win of 10,000 USDT.

RTP percentages

Compared to other casino games, like online slots with an RTP of 95%, Aviator has a higher return rate of 97% RTP. If you wagered 100 USDT on Aviator, you would receive 97 USDT back from your wagering over an extended period. Aviator’s casino’s high RTP gives you another reason to play Aviator.

Winning odds

One of the crucial elements you should know about the Aviator casino game is its odds. The lowest odds in Aviator tend to vary depending on the online casino you’re playing with. But most casinos offer 1:1 odds. For every dollar you bet, you will win one dollar in return. 

Games with higher chances of winning

With Aviator casino’s high RTP and 1:1 odds, you have higher chances of taking home big prizes. 

How to play Aviator


After learning its features and important elements, it’s time to know how you can play Aviator casino games.


Follow the steps below for a quick and easy process.


Step 1: First, access the game!

Bitcasino-Aviator-Casino-EN image-1

Go to Bitcasino and search for Aviator by Spribe. Then, click the game. 

Step 2: Bet the desired amount

Bitcasino-Aviator-Casino-EN image-2

The game starts automatically, and you only have 5 seconds to bet. So, make sure to place your bet within the given time or else you have to wait for the next round. You can bet a minimum of 0.10 USDT up to 100 USDT. 

There are two betting spaces in the game. You can bet on just one, or you can bet on both spaces, which means more chances of winning. Use this feature as a chance to place your bet ahead before the game starts since the betting time is short.

Step 3: Cash out at any time 

Bitcasino-Aviator-Casino-EN image-3

Wait for the game to start. You know the game starts once the aeroplane takes off. Then, press ‘Cash Out’ while the plane is in flight to receive your payout. Your payout depends on the multiplier shown on the screen when you cash out.

Step 4: You lose if you can't cash out before the plane takes off.

Bitcasino-Aviator-Casino-EN image-4

Remember that your goal in this game is to cash out before the plane crashes. You lose your bet if the plane crashes and you don’t cash out. But you can always try again in the next round! 

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Aviator Casino Strategy: Tips to ace the game and win


Even though Spribe’s Aviator game is mostly luck-based, it doesn’t mean you can't have strategies to increase your chances of winning.


You’re right! So we provide some strategies and tips to have the odds in your favour.


Strategy 1: Start with a flat bet

If this is your first time trying out Aviator, you should follow this strategy. Playing with a flat bet is a good approach, especially if you’re still learning the game. Moreover, this is also ideal if you prefer not to take risks.

In this strategy, you settle on a small amount at the start and constantly gamble with that amount. Flat betting lets you focus on the game while learning the ropes. 

Strategy 2: Cash out early

While cashing out early may result in small wins, it can increase your funds slowly. It’s ideal to cash out at around 1.20x to 1.21x your initial bet. At this multiplier, you can receive payouts with a high probability. 

After succeeding in increasing your funds with this strategy, you can start delaying the timing of cashing out to increase the bigger payout. 

Strategy 3: Place multiple bets

Aviator offers two bet sections, allowing you to place multiple bets for a single round. Using this Aviator’s winning method is called Multi-Betting. If you have big funds, this feature is perfect for you.

Through multi-betting, you can bet for a flat rate and a big rate. Cash out at a low coefficient and see how far the other wager can go. With this strategy, you can get an acceptable return with one wager while aiming for a large yield with the other.

Strategy 4: Increase the multiplier by 2 to 3x

If you’re a risk-taker, target the mid-level payouts and cash out at 2x to 3x your initial bet. The odds of winning this multiplier are around 40% to 42%. While chances are low, you can substantially boost your funds quickly if you get a payout at this multiplier. 

However, knowing that this Aviator technique may quickly deplete your funds is crucial. So, ensure you have a considerable fund ready when trying this strategy.

Strategy 5: Take a risk with a high multiplier

If you want to win big, aim for 100x multipliers or higher. It is said that in Aviator, reaching a multiplier of 100x or more occurs once every 1.5 hours on average. 

So, make sure to review Aviator's recent history. If there have been outcomes with multipliers of 100x or more, the best thing to do is wait. 

On the other hand, if several rounds pass without a huge payout, you may want to try to continue betting to win a huge multiplier. You can bet small first and minimise your losses if you want a more cautious approach.

Because this strategy primarily relies on luck, it may not suit those who want consistent victories. This strategy is for risk-takers only. However, using Aviator's prior history as a reference is a principle that can be used in any approach, so keep this in mind! 

Strategy 6: Use Autobet and cash out

Make your casino gaming experience easier when you use Aviator's two automatic bet options:

  • Auto Bet - Sets the same amount as your previous bet automatically. 
  • Automatic Cash Out – Once the set multiplier is reached, the game will automatically cash out your winnings.

Strategy 7: Use Aviator predictor

In theory, Aviator Predictor is an AI software or app meant to provide accurate result predictions. Several online apps promise to make 95% accurate predictions and help you win big daily. 

It is simple to learn how to use an Aviator prediction app. Simply connect to the app by selecting the gambling site you are on. When you load the game, the algorithm begins and provides predictions. Apps will give the maximum multiplier before it crashes. 

Some people use this app and win. But that doesn’t mean you must always rely on the app. Casino games like Aviator use Random Number Generators (RNG) and Probably Fair software, so predictors may be unreliable and inaccurate. Use with caution, knowing that winning can never be guaranteed in playing casino games.

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Bitcasino: The best online casino to play Aviator


Now that you know the rules, features, process and strategies for playing Aviator, it’s time to test your luck. Various online casinos offer Aviator casinos but go for the trusted and most reliable ones.


The answer to that is Bitcasino, the first-ever crypto casino in the industry. Here are more details about us that can reassure you that we are a reliable and trustworthy online casino. 


Bitcasino is one of the most reliable and trusted casino sites. Owned and operated by Moon Technologies BV, Bitcasino is a regulated and licensed casino by the Dutch Government of Curacao with License 1668/JAZ. You won’t have to worry about the site’s legitimacy when you play here.

A secured gaming site

We impose various security measures to protect our customers from scammers. Bitcasino has the latest SSL protection, making it more difficult for hackers to access sensitive information such as personal details or financial data.

Moreover, we support Google Authenticator, a software that implements a two-step verification process. When you use this, you’ll receive a randomly generated six-digit number sequence, aka the one-time password, every time you open the application. You must insert the one-time password on top of your regular password every time you log in at Bitcasino. 

Accessible crypto payments

Just like we mentioned above, we are the first-ever licensed crypto casino in the industry. So we make sure to offer the popular crypto coins, such as:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Tron (TRX)
  • Ripple (XRP)
  • Cardano (ADA)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Binance USD (BUSD)
  • USD Coin (USDC)
  • Polygon (MATIC)
  • The Open Network (TON).

Exclusive VIP perks

Get the luxurious treatment you deserve as a Bitcasino VIP club member. Lots of exclusive casino bonuses and advantages await you here, like having a personal account manager, getting premier tickets to sports events and enjoying all-expenses-paid trips worldwide!

Win sky-high payouts in Aviator casino

Embark on the thrill of soaring heights and claim substantial winnings as your bet rises sky-high in Spribe’s Aviator game. Seize control of the aircraft and cash out before it takes off, ensuring you secure your stake. 

Play now to ignite your competitive edge and elevate your online casino experience. Launch it effortlessly from anywhere, as all you need is a browser and an internet connection to enjoy it right here at Bitcasino.

Aviator casino FAQs


What kind of casino game is Aviator?


Aviator by Spribe is a crash game with an aeroplane theme. As the name suggests, a crash game is a casino game in which you must cash out your winnings before something crashes. In the case of the Aviator game, it’s an aeroplane.


How to play the Aviator game?


Playing Aviator is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  1. Access the game at Bitcasino. 
  2. Place your preferred betting amount within the given time.
  3. Cash out your wins before the plane crashes.
  4. Once done, wait for the next betting round to start.

How much can you win with Aviator?


Aviator's multipliers range from 1x to 1,000,000x. This varies from round to round depending on the game's Probably Fair technology. But the maximum win is 10,000 USDT.


What are the minimum and maximum bets on Aviator?


Crash game Aviator has a minimum bet of 0.1 USDT and a maximum bet of 100


Where should I play Aviator casino?


The best option to play Aviator casino by Spribe is here at Bitcasino, the number one online casino in the industry.