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Beat the dealer and secure your wins when you play blackjack online at Bitcasino! Whether you're a high roller or new to this game, our wide selection of rewarding blackjack games promises endless entertainment. Continue reading to learn how to play blackjack and get lucrative wins.

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What is blackjack?


Can you help me understand what blackjack is?


Of course! Blackjack, or 21, is a popular card game where you aim to beat the dealer with a higher hand than theirs without going over 21.


It’s one of the best and most exciting games we have here at Bitcasino!

In this game, you compete against the dealer rather than other players, adding a thrilling dynamic to the gameplay. With 52 playing cards, blackjack dealers facilitate the game while playing against every player on the table.

Each card has a specific value: numbered cards are worth their face value, face cards (King, Queen, and Jack) are worth 10, and the Ace can be worth either 1 or 11, depending on which is more beneficial. 

Here’s an illustration to make it easier to understand:


Card Value


1 or 11

J, Q, K 


2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

The game begins with players receiving two cards and the dealer receiving one card face down. You can then choose to take additional cards, known as ‘hitting’, to get closer to a total of 21, or you can ‘stand’ if you’re already satisfied with your hand.

The dealer also follows specific rules for drawing additional cards. The anticipation builds as you strategise and make decisions based on your hand and the dealer's visible card.

Casino blackjack Rules: How the game flows


Understanding the online casino blackjack rules is essential for you to participate and enjoy the game while increasing the odds of winning.


So, here are the specific rules and mechanics of blackjack that can provide you with a comprehensive understanding:

1. Cards are dealt after betting

After placing all the bets, each player and the dealer are dealt two cards. The players' cards are dealt face-up, while the dealer receives one card face-up and another face-down.

2. Decide whether to draw the next card

Once the cards are dealt, you have to decide what to do with your hand. You can choose to do any of the following:

  • ‘Hit’ and request an additional card to improve your hand's total value. 
  • ‘Stand’ and decline any further cards if you are already fine with your current hand.
  • ‘Double down’ and double the initial bet and receive one more card
  • ‘Split’ and divide your initial cards with the same values into two separate hands.

3. The dealer's cards are opened and the winner or loser is decided or continued

When all players have selected, the dealer will reveal their face-down card. The dealer follows specific rules on when to draw additional cards and when to stand. Generally, the dealer must draw cards until their hand reaches a specific total, such as 17 or higher. 

Once their final hand is established, the hands are compared, and the winner is determined.

If your hand total exceeds 21, you bust and automatically lose the round. However, you win the game if your hand is closer to 21 than the dealer's hand without exceeding it. And if the dealer's hand is closer to 21 or your hand value exceeds 21, you lose.

Blackjack special rules


Special rules? How do they differ from the basic rules in blackjack?


These additional rules apply to specific variations in blackjack. They can be player actions, side bets and other features.


They add an extra layer of excitement, so you can strategise differently and enhance your chances of winning.


Surrender is an optional rule that allows you to forfeit your hand and receive back half of your original bet. It’s typically offered when the dealer's face-up card is strong, such as an Ace or a 10-value card. You limit your losses in unfavourable situations when you surrender.


Switch can be encountered in various types of blackjack. It’s a unique trick where players are dealt two hands instead of one. After receiving the initial cards, you can switch the second card of each hand to create stronger hands. 

This rule adds an extra strategic element to the game, as you can optimise your hand combinations for better chances of winning.

Super Match

Super Match is a side bet option in some blackjack games. With this, you can place a separate bet on the possibility of your initial four cards forming various combinations, such as pairs, three-of-a-kind, or four-of-a-kind. 

If your cards match one of the predetermined combinations, you win the Super Match bet, regardless of the outcome of the main blackjack hand.

Pair Bet (Perfect Pair)

Also known as Perfect Pair, Pair Bet is another popular side bet in blackjack. With this, you bet that your initial two cards are a pair. The payout for this bet depends on the type of pair formed, such as: 

  • Perfect pair - Same rank and suit
  • Coloured pair - Same rank and colour
  • Mixed pair - Same rank only.

This rule adds an extra opportunity to win, separate from the main hand.

Jackpot Bet

Jackpot Bet is a progressive jackpot side bet found in some blackjack games. You have the option to place an additional bet on the possibility of winning the jackpot.

The jackpot amount increases as more players participate. To win the jackpot, you typically need to have a specific hand combination, such as four Aces of the same suit, within your initial cards and the dealer's cards.

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Terms used in blackjack

For you to understand the game further, here’s an easy-to-understand table of terms you’ll encounter in blackjack:




Request an additional card


Decline additional cards and compete against the dealer with the current hand total


If the initial two cards are of the same value, divide them into two separate hands and place another bet equal to your initial wager

Double down

Double the bet and receive one more card when confident in a favourable outcome


Wagers half the original bet and wins if the dealer reveals a blackjack; Only available when the dealer's first card is an Ace


Choose to forfeit half the bet and exit the game if the hand is deemed unfavourable.


When the total card value exceeds 21

Blackjack (BJ)

Obtained when the first cards dealt are an Ace and a 10-value card (10, Jack, Queen, or King), resulting in a total of 21.

How to play online casino blackjack


Now I feel like I’m confident to start my Blackjack gameplay. How and where can I start playing it now?


That’s great! Follow our step-by-step guide below, and you’ll be on your way to winning in blackjack.


1. Register for an account

Begin by registering for an account at Bitcasino. Provide the needed information, create a username and password, provide your email, and complete the registration process.

2. Fund your account

Once registered, deposit funds into your Bitcasino account. Bitcasino offers traditional methods like credit card and bank transfer and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and more. 

To deposit crypto, follow the steps below:

  • Click the Deposit button.
  • Select the preferred crypto you want to deposit into your account. 
  • Scan the QR code with your crypto wallet or copy and paste the address.
  • Complete the process on your crypto wallet and wait for the funds to reflect on your Bitcasino wallet.

You can then place crypto bets on any blackjack game. 

3. Pick your preferred blackjack game

Browse through the available blackjack games on Bitcasino and select the one that suits your preferences. Launch the game and familiarise yourself with its interface, rules, and specific features.

4. Select your bet amount

Check the betting limits and set how much you’re betting. The chips on the screen have different values, so you can customise how much to bet.

5. Bet chips

Once you've selected your bet amount, place your virtual chips onto the table within the designated betting area. This indicates the amount you are wagering for that particular round.

6. Click the deal button

After placing your bet, click the ‘deal’ or ‘start’ button to join the next round. The dealer will distribute cards to each player, typically starting from the leftmost position.

7. Decide whether to draw the next card or not

Based on the cards you receive, decide whether you want to hit or stand. You can also double down or split, depending on the game variant and your hand's initial cards.

8. The dealer's card is revealed, and the winner is determined

After all players have made their decisions, the dealer's face-down card will be revealed. The dealer will follow the specific rules for drawing additional cards or standing. When their final hand is established, it will be compared to the player's hands, and the winner will be determined. If your hand value is closer to 21 than the dealer’s without exceeding it, you will win the round.

9. Continue to play or withdraw your winnings

You can repeat the previous steps and continue playing or withdraw your winnings if you have accumulated any.

​​Tips and strategies you need to know in blackjack


I want to master and win the blackjack game. Can you give me some tips or strategies I can use and follow in my gameplay?


Perfect! We’ve curated some valuable recommendations and advice that can maximise your chances in blackjack.


It’s important to employ effective strategies and make informed decisions when playing blackjack, so here are some you can follow for successful gameplay.

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Memorise card rankings

Understanding the value of each card is crucial in the game. Memorising card rankings ensures you make informed decisions during the game. Remember that Aces can be valued as 1 or 11, while Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10. While the numerical cards hold their face value.

Hit or Stand depending on certain hands

Always hit if your hand is below 8 or below 17 against a dealer's 7 or higher. Different strategies apply to hard hands, soft hands (including an Ace), and specific pairs. 

Stick to your favourite online blackjack game type

Online blackjack offers various game variations. It's recommended to thoroughly understand the rules and test different types to find the one you're most comfortable with. Whether it's Classic Blackjack, European Blackjack, Blackjack Switch, or Free Bet Blackjack, sticking to your preferred game type enhances familiarity, mastery, and chance to hit winnings.

Avoid making insurance bets

Insurance bets are placed on the possibility of the dealer having blackjack. However, they come with a high house edge and are generally not profitable in the long run. It’s best to avoid making insurance bets altogether and focus on other strategic decisions.

Learn basic blackjack strategy

Familiarise yourself with the basic blackjack strategy, which provides a mathematical approach to minimise the house edge. Utilising a blackjack strategy card or memorising the optimal decision-making process based on your hand and the dealer's upcard leads to more consistent and favourable outcomes.

Hit on a soft 17

Soft 17 refers to a hand that includes an Ace valued as 11. In most cases, it is recommended to hit on a soft 17, as it provides flexibility and an additional chance to improve the hand. However, doubling down on a soft 17 can be a strategic move if the dealer has a bust card.

Set wagering limits

Establishing daily wagering limits is essential for responsible gambling. This helps maintain discipline and ensures both short-term and long-term success in the game. Stick to your predetermined limits to manage your finances effectively.

Choose wisely when splitting your hands

You can only split identical cards, but you mustn’t do it every time you have a pair. Always split Aces, as they offer flexibility and a chance to form strong hands. However, never split a pair of 10s, since 20 already provides a high chance of winning. Make splitting decisions based on the specific situation and the optimal strategy for that scenario.

Avoid distractions

Concentration is crucial when playing any casino game, including blackjack. Minimise distractions to stay focused and make sound decisions throughout your blackjack session. Enhance your chances of making optimal choices when you do this.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why is online casino blackjack so popular?


Online casino blackjack is popular as it offers convenience, accessibility and a wide range of game variations while winning real money or crypto.

With blackjack, you can enjoy the game from the comfort of your own home at any time, and online platforms like Bitcasino often provide attractive bonuses and promotions you can take advantage of for your blackjack endeavours.


Is there a strategy for playing blackjack?


Yes, basic strategies include making decisions based on the value of your hand and the dealer's upcard, while advanced strategies, such as card counting, can be used to gain an edge in certain situations in the game. Learning and applying valuable strategies can improve your chances of winning in the long run.