Enjoy playing Speed Baccarat at Bitcasino

Get the best online casino experience by playing your games here at Bitcasino! This gets even better if you prefer playing baccarat, as the games here offer many features and reward huge payouts. 

The time you spend here at Bitcasino becomes rewarding when you learn to play speed baccarat. This game is a great spin on your usual baccarat game, as it has put a new take on the traditional baccarat experience most players are used to.

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What is Speed Baccarat?

Knowing the basics of the game is vital. Your main objective is to successfully predict which hand has the highest value closest to nine. Your bet options are the player’s hand, the banker’s hand, and a draw. The first two are the common options, which means picking the draw leads to greater rewards. 

Features of Speed Baccarat

The Speed Baccarat gameplay is still the standard game you’re used to, but the turnaround for every game only lasts a few seconds. You can open a Speed Baccarat game when you don’t have much time to play standard baccarat. The rounds you’ll be playing will only last 27 seconds, so it’s a fast-paced game where you can win plenty of rewards in just a few minutes. 

You can get in a full gameplay session in just a few minutes, which is a big deal if you want to kill time and earn good rewards.

How to play Speed Baccarat

Playing Speed Baccarat at Bitcasino is easy. You must follow some simple steps to start playing this fun game. Check them out below: 

1. Place the chip

You have multiple bet choices in Speed Baccarat, but the primary ones are the player, banker, and the draw. Everything will be presented to you, so keep a close eye on the bets you can make on the screen.

2. Draw the cards 

During the gameplay, you will be given two of your first-hand cards. This can be a natural result if you think it’s as close to nine. However, there is a choice you can make: if you want to draw a third card to add to your hand, you just have to click the button and do it. 

Speed Baccarat is faster than the standard gameplay, so you must make quicker decisions. 

3. Wait for the final result

After all those moves, you just have to wait for the results. Speed baccarat is quick, so you must catch every movement on the table. You’ll have to look for the results of the fastest baccarat game possible. 

How to bet on Speed Baccarat at Bitcasino

The speed baccarat rules are the same as the standard gameplay, which makes it easy to understand since there aren’t many changes to it. However, this game has a faster pace and, depending on the game, has some unique bonus features. 

The main bets remain the same for this game, which includes the following: 

  • Dealer
  • Banker
  • Tie. 

Apart from the primary prediction you can make, baccarat has plenty of side bets you can relish. This is huge for your gameplay as you get more opportunities to get bigger payouts.

Side bets 

The bets you make here are another difference between this game and the standard gameplay. Get some additional payouts for a better gaming experience when playing baccarat. Here are those additional side bets.

  • All red / All black - The side bet predicts the hand has either red or black cards. You get a 22:1 payout for all red, while all black hands reward a 24:1 payout.
  • Bellagio match - The bet involves whether the player or banker will get a hand with three cards of the same rank. Betting on the players nets you a 75:1 payout, while the bankers get a 68:1 payout.
  • Big and small - A prediction on the combined number of cards between the player and banker’s hands when they finish the round. A four-card bet nets you a 3:2 payout, while you get a 2:1 payout for a five or six-card bet. 
  • Double 8 - This bet predicts both hands will have a value of eight. 
  • Dragon 7 - A bet for a three-card hand that’s worth exactly seven. 

Speed baccarat strategy: How to win speed baccarat

Playing baccarat randomly can be fun, but you can be a better player by using a speed baccarat strategy. Get a glimpse into some strategies and find a way to maximise every wager you can make at Bitcasino. Here are the strategies you can utilise:


Losing can be tough as you’re parting ways with your money, but you can get that back and some more. With the Martingale strategy, you will double your bet after losing. This will help you recover the losses and still earn a reward. 

The Martingale strategy is a risky move, but it is an easy way to stay on the straight and narrow with your strategy. When you use this strategy, prepare a bigger bankroll, as you will spend more every time you lose. An example of the wager you’ll be making is placing an initial 1 USDT wager, and after you lose, you have to double your bet to 2 USDT.


Initially developed as a strategy for roulette, the Fibonacci sequence has made its way to baccarat. Like the Martingale, this strategy comes into effect after losing. Instead of doubling down after each loss, you have to follow a set structure with the Fibonacci using a sequence. 

This sequence involves adding the previous number to the current number you’re on, then multiplying your wager by that number. Here is the sequence to multiply your wager by 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34.

For this one, you must prepare a big bankroll again since you might have some unlucky days when you’ll be required to go up the sequence. Since this is speed baccarat, you have multiple ways to win, but there is still a chance you might get unlucky.


Known as the Reverse Martingale, this is the strategy where you double down after you win a speed baccarat game. This will be huge for you since you will be winning more rewards when you win the second time. 

Using the Paroli requires a big bankroll as you will be doubling down, and you might lose on your repeated bet. However, you are taking a risk with your speed baccarat gameplay. You can reap the rewards whenever you make a successful prediction.

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Speed baccarat games to play at Bitcasino

Playing baccarat at Bitcasino is one of the most rewarding experiences. To enjoy your time on our platform, look at the games you can play whenever you’re at Bitcasino. Here are the best titles to check out:

Speed Baccarat by Bombay Live


Get the most out of your baccarat gameplay by playing the fastest version with Bombay Live’s Speed Baccarat at Bitcasino. The game has the standard baccarat game you’re used to playing, but you can get the most out of it, with each round lasting only 27 seconds. 

This is a more rapid version of the baccarat you’re used to playing, but make sure you’re mindful of every bet you make, as you might get carried away. Its speed contributes to the excitement of playing Speed Baccarat as it gives you an adrenaline rush of aiming to win. After all, it’s quick, and the rewards remain the same as standard baccarat. 

Note that Bombay Club has multiple lobbies for their version of speed baccarat, so choose your preferred lobby and see the benefits of playing this game instead of the standard version.

Emperor Speed Baccarat by Evolution


Get an oriental aesthetic when you play Evolution’s Emperor Speed Baccarat. As the world’s leading live casino game provider, Emperor Speed Baccarat is another top-tier title from the provider, as it features the best dealers, and the games run smoothly because of Evolution’s superb structure. 

You get a big reward by predicting a Tie between the player's and banker’s hands. It can reach an 88:1 payout when you’re lucky enough to trigger the random Red Envelope bonus on Emperor Speed Baccarat.

The game is just a version of speed baccarat mostly focused on East Asia players, however, that elevated payout will keep you on the edge of your seat alongside the speedy gameplay you’ll get used to.

Korean Speaking Speed Baccarat by Evolution


Get the standard experience of playing speed baccarat with a live dealer. Since you are part of the Korean audience, you will want to play a game that caters to you. With this title, you’ll have an unforgettable gaming session in the comfort of your home, with the dealer speaking your native language.

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The advantages of playing Speed Baccarat online casino

Before visiting Bitcasino, you might’ve heard plenty of praise from gamblers who have played on the platform. At our casino, you can make the most of every bet you place because of the advantages you can enjoy. 

Here are some of the best advantages of playing on this platform.

Convenience of playing

At Bitcasino, you can make the most of your time by playing your favourite games on your computer or smartphone. You can access it through your mobile browser or the mobile app. You won’t have to drive to your local brick-and-mortar casino as you can already find everything here. 

Cryptocurrency payments

Whenever you visit Bitcasino, expect there to be some awesome strengths for the crypto payments you’re making. Cryptocurrencies are known for their transaction speed, which is quicker compared to bank transfers. Additionally, the fees are cheaper compared to when you use fiat currencies. 

Another strength of crypto payments is the security. By using this, you won’t have to worry about your funds getting compromised, as the blockchain ledger helps maintain a safe experience for everyone at Bitcasino. 

Bonuses and promotions

Maximise your gameplay by having the best bonuses and promotions possible. Your rewards will improve as the bonuses increase the payouts with multipliers, free games, and other bonuses. 

Playing Speed Baccarat at Bitcasino opens up opportunities to claim bonuses and promos to guide you towards the best experience possible. Something like the VIP program incentivises you to keep playing to earn better payouts and unique rewards.

This makes the game even more fun to play, as you’re getting seasonal rewards for the times you’re playing. You can be lucky enough while playing during the Holidays, where you get Christmas bonuses in games.

Aside from the advantages you’ll get used to, you should always consider the factors of choosing the right online casino to ensure you play on a safe platform. 


Expect good security when playing at Bitcasino, where your personal information and payment details are protected. You will get encryption from the secure socket layer (SSL) and be protected by two-factor authentication and the secure blockchain ledger handling your payment methods. 

You won’t need to worry about getting your account compromised or hacked, as Bitcasino has cemented itself as one of the most secure gambling platforms. 

Factors for choosing a baccarat site 

Here are the best factors to take into consideration:

A well-designed site

As soon as you open Bitcasino, you will see a user-friendly interface that you can navigate easily. That is a big part of why many players prefer using Bitcasino over any other crypto-gambling platform, as everything is easily accessible.

First impressions matter, even for crypto gambling sites. Everything you need is there with just a few clicks, making the Bitcasino experience better than anywhere else. 

The game selection

It’s important to have good games to play whenever you go to a speed baccarat online casino, especially since that is the primary reason you will play there. Browse through the catalogue, as baccarat is not the only game you can play. 

Explore Bitcasino and find plenty of games to choose from. Baccarat might be the best game you can play based on your preferences, but you also have other options to maximise your time playing on the platform.

Customer support

A reliable customer support service is a significant part of an online gambler’s experience. You are getting the most out of your time on a platform like Bitcasino as the service is already exceptional, but if some problems arise, there is always a good support staff to help you.

Most people can rely on the live chat feature at Bitcasino, but if the FAQs are not enough to help you, the live chat feature will redirect you to a channel where you can talk to the staff. Consider visiting the Help Centre too as you might see your questions there, so you won’t need to contact the support staff.


Most reputable online casinos use random number generators to ensure fair and unpredictable games. When you’re playing an online casino game, there is an RNG for the games, while live table games are transparent with the dealers or croupiers, ensuring there’s no controlling the game behind the scenes. 

Do not get fussed about your games being rigged, as that won’t be an issue in a reputable online casino. A platform like Bitcasino ensures fair gameplay, verified by its licences at the bottom of every page.

Start playing Speed Baccarat games at Bitcasino

At Bitcasino, you can play some of the best games on the market. We are one of the most trusted gambling platforms in the world since we operate with good transparency that ensures a secure gaming experience. 

Level up your gameplay for baccarat by playing the Speed Baccarat variation. If you want to keep capitalising on your favourite games and bonuses, our platform is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is Speed ​​Baccarat suitable for beginners?


Baccarat is pretty suitable for beginners, but this is the Speed Baccarat version. While this variation can be easy to play, it requires a bit of a learning curve and experience in playing standard baccarat.


Is there a surefire way to win at speed baccarat?


This is a game of chance, so there is no surefire way to win. However, you can maximise your chances by using strategies while you play.