Learn more about the Bitcasino terms and conditions

Get the most optimal betting experience at Bitcasino by learning the platform's general terms and conditions. Learning the integral parts of the online casino is an important part of the overall experience of having a secure gaming session.

This should be common practice for any platform you’re going to, not just Bitcasino. As long as you know you’re regularly visiting a certain platform, you should know the terms you must adhere to. Look into what is present in the Bitcasino terms and conditions here.

Get started: How do Bitcasino’s terms and conditions work?

Learn about the terms and conditions before starting your gaming journey at Bitcasino. Become more aware of the platform before fully diving in.

Bitcasino comes highly recommended by some of the world’s most prominent gamblers! If you’re just starting, check the basics first, especially with the terms and conditions. It’s always ideal to have the necessary information before playing here, to understand what you are getting into. 


Since you’re new to the platform, you must know that Bitcasino is owned by Moon Technologies B.V. and the Bitcasino license is under the Government of Curaçao. We operate under a gaming licence with the details being B2C-48FU4DCK-1668/JAZ. With this information, you are assured that Bitcasino is a legitimate casino and you can trust us with your money. 


Keep in mind that Bitcasino is entitled to make amendments to the terms and conditions at any point and without advanced notice. However, you must know that Bitcasino does its best to inform you of some changes, typically sent to your email or as a push notification on your account on the website. 

You are bound to an agreement when you tick the box that you have read the terms and conditions. Think of it as a ruleset for your time on the website. Here are some general details you must follow while you’re here at Bitcasino: 

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You are fully responsible for agreeing to the legally binding terms. 
  • You must participate in the online casino gameplay for recreational and entertainment purposes only. 
  • You are only playing for yourself and not for other people. 
  • You are not a compulsive nor a problematic gambler.
  • You only have one account with Bitcasino.

Now that you have got a good look into the Bitcasino experience through our terms and conditions, you must also look into what you must do to use the bonuses to the fullest. They are not just given to you on a whim, you must meet the standards of those bonuses, which also have their terms and conditions.

How does the casino bonus condition work?

Playing at Bitcasino is worthwhile due to the potential rewards you can win, but you can also claim bonuses to enhance your time on the platform. Bonuses can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. This matters as you are getting the most out of your time on the platform, which could impact the enjoyment level of your gameplay. 

Let’s have a look at some of the biggest bonuses on the platform and the terms and conditions for them:

Loyalty Club terms

When you become a long-term player at Bitcasino, you can be chosen to be part of the Loyalty Club. It is proof you have been an awesome member of the Bitcasino community, so you are getting rewarded with VIP perks. Here are some of the levels you are working towards:

Level 1 starting at 0 points.
Level 2 starting at 5 points. You get one milestone reward when you reach this level.
Level 3 starting at 3,750 points. You get six milestone rewards when you reach this level.
Level 4 starting at 30,000 points. You get 12 milestone rewards when you reach this level.
Level 5 starting at 250,000 points. You get 11 milestone rewards when you reach this level.
Level 6 starting at 750,000 points. You get 12 milestone rewards when you reach this level.
Legend 7 starting at 3,750,000 points. You get unlimited milestone rewards when you reach this level.

With every bet you place, you are gaining level points, so it’s best to keep playing when you are handed this honour. This helps you retain your level and work your way upwards for even higher rewards. You won’t be able to get these level points when you play games in Demo mode, so be sure to play your games in real mode. 

For every milestone you’re getting for the Loyalty, club, you earn incentives of either free spins/chips or a cashback bonus. To know what reward you’ll get, check the loyalty level progress and see the available bonuses.

Your loyalty level resets every month, so you can make better gaming decisions and reach higher levels. When you feel you’re lucky enough, keep boosting your loyalty level and benefit from the unique bonuses you get as a special player on the Bitcasino platform.

Referral bonus

By participating in this incentive, you must give other players a code to use when they sign up for Bitcasino. To do this, you must generate a unique referral link through the ‘Refer a Friend’ page. The unique link makes it exclusive to you and you can share it with anyone you want to invite to the platform. 

Each user is limited to one account per IP address, so make sure the person you’re referring the account to is not using the same IP address as the other person you sent the link to. You as a referrer get a progress bar to see how the referee is progressing through the account. Take note that the program is valid every 30 days per referee, commencing on the registration date.

Here are the rewards you can earn as a referrer per level: 

Level 1
Earn 2,500 points for a 25 USDT reward.
Level 2
Earn 10,000 points for a 50 USDT reward.
Level 3
Earn 25,000 points for a 75 USDT reward.
Level 4
Earn 50,000 points for a 125 USDT reward.
Level 5
Earn 100,000 points for a 1,000 USDT reward.
Level 6
Earn 1,500,000 points for a 2,500 USDT reward.
Level 7
Earn 1,500,000 points for a 2,500 USDT reward.
Level 8
Earn 3,000,000 points for a 5,000 USDT reward.

Remember that Bitcasino reserves the right to modify and adjust the reward levels when appropriate. You might get a bigger reward when you’re lucky enough that your friend is betting a lot on the platform.

Enjoy the cashback that reaches 25,000 USDT

This promotion is open to new Bitcasino players, and they must Opt-In to be eligible. The Cashback is calculated based on the players’ net losses from their first seven days at Bitcasino since their first deposit. The Cashback is only paid out on the eighth day during the Weekdays.

Here are the cashback tiers you should know before opting in: 

Bronze tier
The deposit amount must be at least 50 USDT and the cashback is at 5%.
Silver tier
The deposit amount must be at least 250 USDT and the cashback is at 10%.
Gold tier
The deposit amount must be at least 1,000 USDt and the cashback is set at 15%.
The deposit amount must be at least 5,000 USDT and the cashback is set at 20%.

The maximum cashback amount for a player can reach up to 25,000 USDT while the minimum is set at 1 USDT.

What are online casino affiliate programs?

By becoming an affiliate at the online casino, you can maximise the reach of Bitcasino and how it could drive more people to become a loyal player. Look into the positives of being an affiliate of Bitcasino and see how it could help you level up

Since Bitcasino is one of the most prominent online casinos online, becoming an affiliate of the platform is a good choice. When you join the Bitcasino Affiliate Marketing Campaign, you must market and promote Bitcasino to the widest audience possible. 

Here are some of the biggest benefits of being part of a casino affiliate program:

  • Passive income - When you have a platform to run, you can generate some income. Use the best marketing tools to earn valuable commissions from Bitcasino. The commissions can reach some amazing values, so try it out for yourself. 
  • More awareness for marketing success - Learn how to market products better through Bitcasino to help maximise the value of your platform most optimally.
  • Support a platform you like: Since you’re supporting Bitcasino with affiliate marketing, you can have the best experience on the platform with the rewards you can receive.
  • Create strong networking opportunities: By working as a Bitcasino affiliate, you can become a strong market member. It helps you stand out and become legitimised in the industry, opening the door for more opportunities for you to earn money.

As a result of doing this, you get a commission at the end of each month. Payments are made by the eighth working day of every calendar month with this affiliate program active. That commission is calculated based on the net gaming revenue you have generated from your marketing efforts.

Then, that net is tracked using a unique affiliate link you have for marketing Bitcasino, which would be attached to the marketing collateral you are making. This leads to you getting some of the best commission payments. If you don’t generate positive reviews, you won’t receive any payments.

How safe are Bitcasino’s security measures?

By playing at Bitcasino, you can expect to have strong security. The Bitcasino reliability level confirms gambling platforms are out there protecting your account. The first layer of protection is on the registration page, which includes authentication for your account with a password. 

You are striking a deal with Bitcasino to keep that password confidential, as many of your losses due to a third party can’t be refunded.

Two-step verification is also important for security, so you can activate your account at Bitcasino by confirming the email sent to you. That is a strong security measure since hackers need to compromise your email too. Another part of security is the secure socket layer (SSL) encryption, which protects all your details under multiple layers. 

With all these security measures, you can expect to have the most secure experience when gambling on this platform. Combine that with the security of using cryptocurrencies as the payment method, you can have one of the most hassle-free gambling experiences. 

How to create an account at Bitcasino

To access the best parts of the terms and conditions here, you should create an account here at Bitcasino. The registration page on the platform gives you a shot at doing that since it’s easy to do. Find out which terms you need to know ahead of playing at Bitcasino.

Step 1
Click the sign-up button in the top-right corner of your screen.
Step 2
Fill in the details in the boxes present. Make sure you tick the boxes and the captcha.
Step 3
You can also sign up using your Metamask, Google, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Line, Telegram, Apple, and Ton Keeper account.
Step 4
Click the Deposit button in the top-right corner.
Step 5
Select the cryptocurrency you want to use at the top of the sidebar.
Step 6
Use the crypto wallet app to scan the QR Code.
Step 7
Another option for the transfer is to copy the wallet address and paste it onto your crypto wallet to transfer funds.
Play your favourite online casino games
Step 8
Click the small arrow button on the top-left to open the sidebar.
Step 9
Scroll down and play the All Games button.
Step 10
Seek out the game you want to play from all the options you can choose.
Step 11
After you win the games you play, click the Deposit button again.
Step 12
Click the Withdraw tab.
Step 13
Click the cryptocurrency you want to withdraw.
Step 14
Finalise the process and enjoy the money you won.

Learn from the terms and conditions on the platform

Level up your online gambling when you choose Bitcasino, the premier platform for all your gambling needs. Whether you’re a casual player or a high roller, Bitcasino has cemented itself as the optimal platform for everyone. Enjoy the wide range of offers, so you can become one of the best players and enjoy all the many payouts.

Sign up today and be familiar with the terms and conditions you need to know, to enjoy your gaming journey ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You have many requirements to meet, with the most prominent being over 18 years of age. You will get asked a few security questions regarding your account, requiring you to input a one-time password (OTP).
To do this, you must click the Log In page and click the forgot password under the login button. Input your email address, click the ‘Request password reset’, and complete the process through your email.
Bitcasino protects all your information through SSL encryption and the two-step verification process.
To get help from Bitcasino’s support service, you have the chatbot in the lower-right corner of the screen. When the issue is not solved by the chatbot, you can email the support service and get help from the Bitcasino team to deal with the issue.

Here are the accepted payment methods here at Bitcasino: 

  • International Credit Card and Debit Card (VISA, Mastercard, Discover),
  • Bank Transfer in the European Union
  • PayNow (Singapore)
  • Alipay (HK)
  • FPS (HK)
  • Duitnow (Malaysia)
  • Cebuana (Philippines)
  • InstaPay (Philippines)
  • Prompt Pay (Thailand)
  • UPI (India)
  • Viettal Pay (Vietnam)
  • Gojek Pay (Indonesia)
  • Mandiri (Indonesia).

Here are the options for cryptocurrencies: 

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Tether (USDT)
  • Algorand (ALGO)
  • 0x (ZRX)
  • Band (BAND)
  • Augur (REP)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Basic Attention Token (BAT)
  • Binance USD (BUSD).

Everything is protected under several protective layers, so do not be afraid of your details getting stolen as security measures are in place to help you focus on the games you are playing.