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April 28, 2021

VR Casino Is a Game Changer That Is Not Yet Ready

Online gambling changed the world as it introduces a new possibility for gamblers around the world. Instead of visiting a gambling house, players can simply boot up a browser to launch their favourite game. The biggest feature that this offers is convenient accessibility!

Online casinos did not replace brick and mortar casinos. Instead, it created a completely separate industry that works alongside land-based gambling. Neither is better than the other because gamblers can enjoy both depending on their disposition on any day.

There is an idea that aims to mix the best of both industries using virtual reality (VR) technology. The idea is to bring gamblers into a virtual space emulating a luxurious hotel so players can meet and play together without physically leaving their homes! Unfortunately, that grand goal may need more time to get ready.

Why VR Casino Is Not Ready

By all accounts, virtual reality should be at an amazing stage of development as of 2021. The best example of its potential is VRChat which is available on Steam. It has amazing animations, graphic fidelity, and intuitive controls. Why can’t it be implemented for online gambling when top brands like Bitcasino can fund such a project?

The answer is that the current generation of gamblers is not entirely keen on entering a virtual space, at least for the sake of gambling just yet. There are intuitive games that can be played on VR. Gambling is also proven to be possible. The problem is that VR graphics are still either uncanny or disorienting.

There is also the fact that online casinos are still more intuitive than VR. Even if developing a game for VR is possible, it is still far from being as convenient and simple as browser games. Speaking of which, VR is also demanding when it comes to a hard drive. It needs a powerful system and specific headgear in order to operate. Most adults are not willing to invest in such items.

VR Gambling Is Still a Great Idea Despite Limitations

Even if VR gambling is not ready as of today, a VR casino is still a great idea. However, it should offer more than a 3-dimensional world that embraces existing themes of games found in Bitcasino. The most exciting feature of a VR casino should be its capability to host a room full of people logged in on the same server.

Graphics shouldn’t be a focus for VR as long as it doesn’t disorient the player. Instead of exploring realism, a simplified visual direction should be the best course of action. The virtual space could also explore more exciting themes as a whole! Imagine that, instead of being at a virtual emulation of the modern casino, players could visit a saloon in the Wild West!

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