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November 15, 2022

Advantages of being an online casino VIP player

Every gambler's dream is to experience what it is like to live a high-roller life. This is especially true due to the plethora of benefits and perks of being an online casino VIP player. The rewards can range from weekend getaways to exclusive offers and promotions depending on the casino you are playing at. The possibilities are endless. 

Besides the already mentioned, more advantages come with a VIP club membership. These are exclusive to the members alone, and the best way to get invited to a VIP program is by playing a game consistently and placing high stakes.

Bitcasino slots are the best casino games to do this with. Their simple gameplay but high payouts is one of the biggest reasons high rollers love playing these games. Once you've been invited to a casino's VIP program, bask in the glory of being one of the elites and engage in casino gaming with only the best of the best.

Read further to learn what VIP programs are and what advantages you can get:

What is a casino VIP program?

VIP programs are designed to reward incentives to frequent online casino players and high rollers. This promotion can take the form of special bonuses, tournament entries, free spins, and more significant rewards. Compared to traditional casinos, online platforms go above and beyond regarding the benefits and perks they offer. This is to entice more players to join their site, and if they're lucky, they can be invited to their VIP club.

Once you become a member, the excitement doesn't stop there. Casinos frequently structure their VIP programs to include multiple tiers that offer more rewards the higher you climb. With this, you can continue pursuing better rewards and prizes. 

How does a casino VIP program work? 

When it comes to how VIP programs work, this will vary depending on the casino you are playing at. In general, these programs work in simple ways. You need to note that not everyone is meant to be part of a VIP program. This is because these were designed and reserved for high-roller players in the casino. Another thing to keep in mind is that most online casinos only offer entrance to the program through an invite.

The best way to get this exclusive invite is by enjoying your time in the casino and wagering consistently on your favourite games. By actively participating in the casino for a long period, your chances of receiving this invite are high.

What are the casino rewards I can receive?

As a casino's VIP club member, get ready to be treated like royalty! In the following information, you can learn about the incredible advantages that distinguish VIP players who use a Bitcasino bonus from the rest and decide whether it is worthwhile to take a chance and place a bet. Discover the different perks and benefits you can receive here:

Exclusive offers and promotions 

As a casino VIP player, get ready to be showered with many rewards, offers, and promotions you are about to receive. These typically come in free spins, cashback, and cash prize promotions. At Bitcasino, the leading online casino, you can expect to be rewarded with glamorous benefits and prizes fitting your status. Here are some things to expect:

  • Wager-free bonuses 
  • Weekly rebate promotions
  • Free spins on new games 
  • Live raffles
  • Real-time leaderboards

Your own VIP manager

Experiencing problems with your account? No need to worry because your manager will take care of it immediately. Tons of online casinos offer VIP managers as part of their program. They will assist you in managing your account and resolving any issues you might have while playing on the site. 

Your manager will make the arrangements to ensure you have the most enjoyable casino experience possible. These personal managers will go above and beyond to meet your casino needs and assist you in customising your experience to suit your preferences. They will be one call away to give you a hand. 

Invites to grand events and tournaments

One of the rewards that will make your VIP status worth the time and money you've spent are invites to exclusive events and tournaments. You can experience an all-paid expense trip worldwide with the care of your online casino.

As a prized high roller, you can win a lavish yacht vacation or a business class ticket to a prestigious sporting event where you can enjoy the rush of seeing your favourite teams compete in real time. You can even enjoy a life of luxury in a fancy 5-star hotel where you will be treated and pampered like royalty!  

Bitcasino has brought its VIP players to different corners of the world. Here is a sneak peek at what you can expect for future events: 

Rugby World Cup Finals in Japan Back in 2019, some Bitcasino VIP players were allowed to witness the Rugby World Cup Finals at the International Stadium Yokohama. They cheered with the wild crowds in the venue and enjoyed every minute of the game. After the event, Bitcasino's VIPs could enjoy the Japanese tourist experience in Tokyo as they visited Japan's cultural attractions.
A weekend getaway to CroatiaCroatia is a beautiful country the well-deserving Bitcasino VIP players enjoyed during the weekend. They were able to experience the majestic attraction of the Adriatic coast. As a high roller on the site, they were able to enjoy riding a modern yacht and sipping the finest champagnes.
VIP London experience tripIt was the Christmas season when the winners of this promotion enjoyed this experience. They had the opportunity to watch Premier League team Watford play against Manchester United in an exciting match. All participants of this promo enjoyed touring the different spots in London. This includes riding the London Eye capsule along the city's skyline.

Higher deposit and withdrawal limits

As high rollers, VIP club members receive the exclusive benefit of having higher deposit and withdrawal limits. You can add as much money as you like to your bankroll to play for higher stakes for a more exciting gaming experience. Your withdrawal rate is also increased, so you to enjoy all of your wins without concern for any limits. 

Access to exclusive games

VIP casino programs have an arsenal of exclusive games reserved for high rollers and club members. These titles were designed to accommodate the huge bankrolls these players have. Once you become a VIP, you will gain access to these games to gamble and enjoy.

This makes Bitcasino the perfect place for you if you want to try out prestigious game titles from the best casino providers. Some of the high-roller casino providers you will encounter are:

  • Evolution - They are one of the industry's most notable live game providers. Some of the best titles to enjoy from Evolution are Lightning Roulette, Crazy Time, and Dragon Tiger. 
  • OneTouch - OneTouch is renowned for having the best online table games. You can enjoy high-roller versions of the classics, which include baccarat, roulette, and blackjack.
  • Bombay Live - Enjoy live casino games in a prestigious setting. Bombay Live offers VIP players a grand gaming experience with high stakes and payouts.

Casino freebies

Casino freebies are a common Bitcasino bonus as part of a VIP program. When these are offered, you will be the casino's priority, as offers and exclusive deals will be relayed to you first. Additionally, you can get special event benefits and cashback bonuses to help level up your casino experience.

You can receive rewards like team memorabilia, electronics, and more during promotions.

Get the VIP treatment you deserve with Bitcasino

Bitcasino's VIP club members get royal treatment with tons of special benefits lined up for them to enjoy. These, of course, are only available to the members and can't be accessed by anyone else. Becoming a member of the exclusive high rollers requires an invitation from Bitcasino. 

To receive the invitation that will advance you to the upper echelons of the casino, you must place bets and participate in your favourite casino games. Maximise the thrill of each wager by placing high-stakes wagers. 

Your next wager might get you the invite you're after, as Bitcasino is always looking for the next VIP player! 

Live the high roller life at Bitcasino

A brand new casino experience awaits you at Bitcasino. Get an enhanced casino experience and an increased thrill when placing stakes as a member of their VIP program. By actively wagering on your account, you can get the chance to receive an invitation from Bitcasino themselves! Join Bitcasino today and start living the high roller life!


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