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March 22, 2023

Casino house edge and why it matters when playing 

Due to the inherent advantage that favours the house, online casinos turn a profit regardless of whether you win or lose at your game. The house edge, as it is commonly known, is the casino advantage. Learn more about its nuances and importance here:

What is a casino house edge?

Casinos must make money in some way, and the house edge helps them with this notion. The casino's mathematical advantage over you is known as the house edge, or in your case as the player, it is the guaranteed percentage loss of your bet. 

This implies that regardless of the strategies you employ, the house will remain in a position of advantage. This, however, doesn’t mean that you have no chance of winning a game. Now, you might be thinking that the casino is essentially cheating with the house edge. But the answer is no, the casino is not cheating on the game just because they have an advantage.

Players can know a game’s house edge since this is acceptable and casinos are transparent about it. If you are still struggling to process the house edge, think of it as the flat fee that the casino charges you to access their game. You can still win big, but those who aren't so lucky will have the house edge percentage taken from their bets.

House edge: How is it calculated?

Calculating the house edge isn't as complex as you might believe. Assume you are playing a coin flip with a 50:50 chance of winning and a potential payout of $0.90. Your odds remain the same, but the casino will deduct 10 cents from your winnings as a fee for granting you access to the game. They will take all of your wagers if you lose.

What influences the house edge?

Every casino game has an inherent house edge. It is not under the casinos' control, despite what you might believe. The percentage is influenced by several variables, all of which are covered below: 


Every casino game has a house edge that is similar to or barely different from one another. You may face very different house edges depending on the game you choose. Just compare the two versions of roulette. The house edge for American roulette is 5.26%, compared to 2.7% for European roulette. Long-term, that 2.56% difference would have an impact on your bankroll, particularly if you went on a losing streak. 

Software provider

The game developer, which is distinct from the casino, determines the house edge in large part. Although the majority of software uses the same percentage for each game, some developers frequently deviate from the norm by using either a slightly lower or higher percentage.

In the game, it's simple to overlook these minor variations, but if you're not careful, they could eventually have an impact on your wagers. The games with the smallest house advantage should be chosen. 


Although it is specified in the game, the house edge percentage is not always a fixed percentage. Depending on your wager, it may still slightly alter. Baccarat is one game where this can be seen, as player bets have a marginally higher house edge than banker bets. 


Games with a low house edge to try out

Now that you know more about house edges, it's time to put this new-found knowledge to use. There are tons of Bitcasino live casino low-house edge titles you can try out and play. These types of games will payout more often but less compared to high-house edge titles. With this, here are some games to try out:


There is a good reason why many players enjoy playing blackjack. In addition to having fun and being simple to play, it has one of the lowest house edges at just 1.5 percent. 

We believe you will enjoy blackjack because you can use strategies to improve your chances of winning if you are good enough at picking the best hands at the betting table.


The house edge in baccarat is usually 1.5 percent, though it might vary based on the kind of bet you place. The house advantage on player bets is frequently higher than on banker bets, while the house advantage on tie bets is staggering at 14.36%.

The chances for each wager and their victories now depend on these house edges. In contrast to banker bets, which have a greater odd but smaller win amount, tie bets have a lower odd but a higher win, hence they have a higher house edge percentage.


Slot games usually have a house edge going between 2% and 10%. Although the payouts are not as exciting as those of table games, Bitcasino slots have much to offer when it comes to rewarding wagers. 

One way that slots can help with the house edge is by offering features and bonuses like free spins or extra rewards. Due to its simple rules, it is also a game that anyone, even beginners, can play. Simply spin the reels in the hopes that good fortune will bring you the jackpot. 


The house edge is significantly lower when playing roulette with a single zero or in Europe compared to the American variant. This is since American roulette's double zero reduces winning chances while boosting payouts.  


Just like baccarat, the type of bet you place in craps can also influence the house edge on your bets. The ‘pass’ and ‘don’t pass’ bets offer a low house edge of 1.4%, which is a good start for beginner players. 

Video poker 

The house edge for video poker ranges from 0.5% to 5%, which is a significant variation. But what makes poker intriguing is that it's a game of skill, so by employing a successful strategy and maintaining your winning streak, you may virtually eliminate the house advantage.

Three-card poker 

A quick but entertaining alternative to traditional poker is three-card poker. You are dealt three cards, and the house is dealt three cards, in this game. The reward is contingent upon the cards in the dealer's hand.

In three-card poker, you can use enough techniques to achieve significant gains. The fact that the house edge is only 1.5% is much better. The King high and Queen high are the finest cards to use in this situation. If you have these cards in your hand, you can quickly move your bet and earn huge payouts.

Caribbean stud poker 

Caribbean stud poker pits you against the house or the dealer as opposed to other poker games where you have to compete against other players. You must first place an ante bet to play this fun variation of standard poker. Each of you and the dealer receives five cards.

Except for the dealer's card, all cards dealt during the game are dealt face-down. You can examine the cards in your hand and take a quick look at the one card the dealer has exposed before deciding whether to raise or fold. When you fold, you give up your ante and leave the game, whereas when you raise, you either make a bigger stake or stick with your original one.

With a house edge of 5%, Caribbean stud poker is an amazing game to try your hand in the casino and test whether lady luck would favour your gamble. 

Pai Gow poker 

Pai gow poker is a mix between a Chinese domino game and your regular poker game. What’s amazing about this is it allows you to form two winning hands and twice the win out of 7 cards. With a house edge of 2.5%, this game is worth a try. 


Another well-liked casino game with a low house edge of 4.83% to 6.39% is backgammon. You can place one of three bets here: jump, out, or double. A roll of the die or after the board's pieces have been moved will determine the outcome of your wager.   

Sic Bo 

Three dice are used in this dice-based game. The objective of this game is to predict the possible outcomes of the three dice that are rolled simultaneously. The results will be announced once the dealer picks them up, places them in a chest, and shakes them.

Several wagers may be placed on this game. The house edge in Sic Bo can be anywhere between 2.78% and 18.98%, therefore it's up to you to intelligently distribute your bets. If you respond to the questions truthfully, you can win the accompanying prizes.

How important is the house edge

The house edge can inform you of the probable loss and the percentage of your wins that the house will keep. You should not, however, be concerned about games with significant house advantages. These games can still be entertaining and lucrative, particularly if you have luck placing your wagers. Make sure to use casino promotions such as the Bitcasino bonus to make the most out of your betting experience. 


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