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Your Guide: The Basics to Andar Bahar

Andar Bahar is a popular Indian card game wherein you need to bet on one of two piles, the Andar (inside) and Bahar (outside). It is also regarded as a game of chance because the pile where the matching card appears is the winning pile. It is also usually played with a standard deck of 52 cards.

At the beginning of the game, the dealer shuffles the cards and then cuts them so that you can see the other side. After shuffling, the dealer needs to place a card in the middle of the table. This is the card that must be matched.

The dealer also needs to deal with single cards face up alternately. A first card is dealt with the Andar pile if the house card is black. On the other hand, the first card is dealt with the Bahar pile if the house card is red. This process continues until a card matches the rank of the house card.

To win this game, you need to bet on the pile that matches the card. Players who placed their bets on the other pile lose.

Tips and Tricks You Should Know

When playing Andar Bahar on online sites like Bitcasino, you also need to know some tips and tricks that will benefit you in the long run. Here are some that you should know:

Practice Playing

As they say, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the easier it is for you to predict the outcome of the game. It is also best to watch others play and observe their gaming strategies.

Set a Betting Limit

Since Andar Bahar is a fast-paced card game, you need to set a betting limit. This is to avoid overspending if ever you lose track of time. The simpler the game, the easier it is to place bets.

Understand the Odds

The odds of any player in this game is 50:50. However, if you dig deeper and understand the nature of the game, learning about its house edge, payout odds and number of cards dealt is useful. Here a quick list for your reference:

Number of Cards Dealt House Edge Payout Odds
1 to 5 cards 2 to 1 18.68%
6 to 10 cards 3 to 1 13.18%
11 to 15 cards 4 to 1 15.49%
16 to 25 cards 3 to 1 12.80%
26 to 30 cards 14 to 1 8.52%
31 to 35 cards 24 to 1 7.56%
36 to 40 cards 49 to 1 5.17%
41 or more cards 119 to 1 4.92%

Look for Variations

There are different variations of this game. This is also the reason why you should properly choose the site or software provider. Some developers will allow you to predict the number of cards that will land on the table while some use 40 cards plus the joker.

With all of these tips and tricks, try your luck and play Andar Bahar!

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