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November 22, 2022

The best crypto wallets you need as a gambler

Every crypto gambler needs a wallet, and there is plenty to choose from online. All of them have essential features for making transactions across the blockchain. Some are better than others, but it's difficult to choose unless you have tried all of them for a fair comparison. 

You don't need to go through that trouble because somebody else has done so for you. Here's your easy guide to crypto wallet shopping for the best options in 2022. 

Important features in a crypto wallet for gamblers

You have to look for a few qualities in a crypto wallet. All options available offer the same features but handle them all differently. That's how they compete for the same market as developers of crypto wallets. 

The most important of which is security. Every gambler wants to use a wallet for all Bit Casino Bitcoin winnings. Security can be handled in many ways, like how passwords are needed to log in or where the private keys are hidden. 

The next important feature is accessibility which has many aspects, including the cost to pay for its services. Almost every hot wallet (digital wallet) is free to use, but some will have additional fees charged for every transaction depending on their other features. 

If it's only serving to interact with the blockchain, then you only have to pay the network's fee. Cold wallets (hardware wallets) are pay-to-own devices. Purchase the wallet once, and you can use it and all its features forever or at least until the device breaks.

The third important feature you should look for is the wallet's support for your preferred crypto. Almost every wallet can store and send the top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Ripple (XRP). However, some have limits, like MetaMask's inability to store any crypto outside the Ethereum network. 

Top 5 hot wallets in 2022 for gamblers

If you are new to playing Bitcasino live casino using cryptocurrencies, then you should begin your search for the best wallet among the digital ones. Hot wallets are available everywhere and are free to install and use most of the time. 

They are also often multi-platform rather than available on one device at a time. Here is a list of hot wallets you should consider getting these to manage your cryptocurrency budget and prizes when playing online casino games online: 

Coinbase Wallet - The best overall

If you are looking for the easiest wallet to start with, then Coinbase Wallet is a great choice. Its payment method is the standard use of wallet addresses. It's available as a mobile app, a browser-based wallet, as well as a browser extension. All three platforms have every feature you need as a crypto trader and user. 

Simply type the wallet address of your Bitcasino live casino account as the recipient using the Coinbase Wallet's send crypto feature and vice versa. Sometimes simplicity is what you need, making this option ideal because there are fewer mechanics for you to learn about. Another exciting feature of the Coinbase Wallet is its quick market access. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies are each one click away. 


MetaMask - The best for Ethereum use only

MetaMask has almost every feature that Coinbase Wallet has, except its services are limited to the Ethereum blockchain only. That means it can't store assets like BTC, XRP, and USDT, but it can give you full control over all ERC-20 tokens. It can still store some non-Ethereum tokens, but you must wrap them. An example of this asset is wrapped Bitcoin or wBTC, an ERC-20 token that is 1:1 with Bitcoin. 

The mobile version of MetaMask also works as a browser with additional features allowing it to visit Ethereum-based websites. You may also visit your favourite gambling site and play using this browser. If you do, then you may make deposits and withdrawals of ETH or any accepted ERC-20 token quickly and easily. It's also worth pointing out that MetaMask is an open-source wallet. If you ever need help with its features or tips on making the most of it, there is a full community of developers you can consult on their website. 

BRD - Best Bitcoin blockchain interaction 

BRD is proud to be the first mobile crypto wallet in the world. Among its features include every basic function you need, including peer-to-peer (P2P) money sending and an on-site exchange for quick trading. Many can consider it simpler than Coinbase Wallet, with its traditional yet effective security system being 2-factor authentication (2FA). 

Blockstream Green - Best utility for investors

If you play Bitcasino games on the PC, you should try Blockstream Green, a crypto wallet software with an application for desktop devices like Windows and Mac. They also have a mobile device for Android and iOS users like the previous three, but there is no browser-only access to its services. 

Besides the basic features like P2P and encryption services, it also has options to customise your wallet. One of the most important aspects you can change is the level of security needed to access your cryptocurrencies. 

Singlesig means you only need one signature, which is kept on your device. Multisig means you have a key in your device and another key in Blockstream's servers that you can claim via 2FA. You can also opt for a third backup key, hiding behind a timelock.

Blockstream Green works great for all transactions, either making deposits or selling at an exchange, using the app's fee control. You can always strictly pay the base transaction fee on the blockchain of any cryptocurrency you use by default. To resolve the transaction faster, you may increase the fee rate to gain priority.

Electrum - Best security for Bitcoin storage

Crypto wallets are designed to be user-friendly, but Electrum prioritises security even at the cost of convenience. As a result, it is the most secure hot wallet in the world, even better than cold storage wallets. It has protective measures, including a multisig system, encryption, proof-checking methods, and no lock-ins. 

Electrum can stay safe even if your desktop is infected with malware, and there's an easy recovery system if your wallet gets compromised by a slim chance. It still has the basic functions for transactions like P2P, making it functional as a wallet of choice for online gaming sites like Bitcasino.


Top 3 cold wallets in 2022

Cold wallets are a lot harder to start with because of their usually high starting price. These are worthwhile investments for true safety in the crypto economy. The rule of thumb is to keep a hardware wallet to store crypto you don't plan on moving while assets in your hot wallet are for active trading. 

Ledger Nano S - Best wallet overall

Ledger has been the top brand of cold wallets in the crypto industry for a long time. It has a wide variety of options, like the Ledger S and Ledger Nano X. Their most popular is the Ledger Nano S which looks like a thumbstick drive with a small screen. 

You can connect it to a desktop through a cable or pair it with a hot wallet to access its contents. Even if you can see and manage the crypto stored in it, you will need the private keys on the device to move any asset in a transaction.

CoolWallet Pro - Most convenient cold wallet

While most cold wallets look like a disk drive of varying sizes, CoolWallet Pro is shaped and presented like a credit card that can fit with your cardholder. You connect it to your device through Bluetooth connectivity, and its app can be installed through the QR code that comes with its manual. It can support cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it's most popularly known for being a cold wallet for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). It has automatic support for NFT marketplaces like Raribble and OpenSea for quick trading. 

ELLIPAL - The best air-gapped wallet 

ELLIPAL showcases air-gap as a new means to protect your cryptocurrencies. This method allows you to access your digital assets without officially connecting the wallet to the internet, the computer, or even your crypto gambling account. It usually comes in a bundle. 

The ELLIPAL hardware wallet is called Titan, which has two versions. Titan Cold Wallet looks like a smartphone, and the Titan Mini Cold Wallet is the same but only half the size. Another important device you should get is the ELLIPAL Mnemonic Metal for keeping important data. 


You have many options for storing your Bit casino Bitcoin funds and winnings. They are all great options regardless of your skill level as a crypto user. You just have to consider what other ways you plan on using your cryptocurrencies when choosing a wallet. Traders can benefit greatly from easy accessibility, like in Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, and BRD. If you plan on hoarding your Bitcasino live casino winnings, opt for the most secure options like Electrum or ELLIPAL. Ultimately, it's all up to your preference, so choose whichever seems best.


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