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A beginner’s guide on playing online Sic Bo

Being familiar with craps will make it easy for you to play Sic Bo. It is said that Sic Bo is the Asian version of craps. There’s a theory that Sic Bo spawned the dice games everyone knows today.

Majority of the population may be more familiar with craps than Sic Bo. This is the same for the online casino scene. However, Sic Bo is getting increasingly popular among Western players. They like exploring different casino games on top of online casinos such as Bitcasino.

Sic Bo and craps share similarity due to the fact that both of them use a table lined with betting squares and rolled dice. Sic Bo and craps are games of pure chance. The main goal in both games is for the player to correctly predict the result of the three dice when they’re rolled.

Simplicity of Sic Bo

Players love Sic Bo for its simplicity. Games of pure chance like Sic Bo are a staple of casinos. This is because when online casino players feel the need to return to the classics, they always search for slots, craps, and Sic Bo.

If you love the thrill of anticipating the outcome of your luck, Sic Bo is a game you should play.

How to play online Sic Bo

You are to simply place your bets on the outcome of the dice roll. The random number generator (RNG) will test out your luck for you. Meanwhile, you’ll play with a live dealer if you’re playing a live version of the game.

These are three basic steps of playing Sic Bo:

  1. Players will place their bets on the betting board. Multiple bets can be placed if they wish so. This can be done by simply dragging game chips towards the digital betting board.
  1. Wait for the result of the rolled three dice. You should be able to correctly guess the value of the combined dice.
  1. You will be paid if you win. Balance will be debited if you lose.

Best live Sic Bo titles

Live casino games can be found on various casino sites such as Bitcasino. You can find live Sic Bo games on these sites as well. 

Variations of Sic Bo have been developed by top gaming providers. Play the game’s multiple versions and experience different fresh takes on the classic game. Be sure to find out what the hype is all about. Learn for yourself why live Sic Bo is popular across all online casinos.

Here’s a list of the best live Sic Bo titles for your convenience. Test out your luck in them should you ever try live casino versions of Sic Bo.

Live Sic Bo by Playtech

Sic Bo Deluxe by Playtech

Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming

Mega Sic Bo by Pragmatic Play

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