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April 11, 2023

What is Toncoin and should you invest in it?

Initially called Gram, Toncoin (TON) is a Layer 1 blockchain that was released in 2018 as the Telegram Open Network but the messaging app was forced to cease active development which led to the open-source community taking charge. It has seen rapid growth since and the team has branded it as the future of currency with The Open Network as a focal point.

This sudden rise in popularity has people within the crypto space showing more of a vested interest in Toncoin. However, they are not yet familiar with the asset which has led to them looking to learn more about TON. 

What is Toncoin?

Toncoin is the native token of the TON blockchain which is a multi-level structure focused on sharding. That principle uses various subnets on the same blockchain which makes each shard have a specific purpose and have data. The blockchain avoids latency with these systems of shards which further strengthens the activity and ramps up the speed of the transaction process. 

Toncoin is behind most of these projects because the blockchain won't function without it. If you want to get the most out of the TON blockchain, you should invest in Toncoin now and you can reap the benefits of having this kind of system in place. It can be used across many industries just like Bitcoin with Bitcasino slots and Ethereum.

The TON network

This network offers many benefits with the top star being the TON wallet which can be both custodial and non-custodial. This blockchain can also process millions of transactions per second which are done using the Turing complete smart contracts. 

TON also has a unique feature called the self-healing vertical blockchain mechanism which makes it even more reliable, faster, self-consistent, and scalable compared to any other blockchains.

What makes Toncoin unique?

The multi-level structure that involves sharding is important to making Toncoin unique because it makes the important data like transactions that run through the blockchain faster and easier to track. There will be a limitation on unverified blocks too which cleans up the mining potential for the people who do that. 

Developers can create decentralised apps with the TON services which users can access the third-party apps via the user-friendly interface they know and love. There is also the TON storage where users can secure their wallets using a private key that provides solid encryption through passwords and two-factor authentication.

What are the uses for Toncoin?

As TON puts it, Toncoin is the future of currency. There are many uses for this tech because it will function as a reason why people need to invest in Toncoin. Here are the biggest uses for this crypto coin: 

  • Toncoin can be used as the processing fee for transactions and smart contracts. 
  • Payment services provided by apps can be built on the TON platform which people can use and benefit from. 
  • You can lend capital to the validator/mining to earn interest in the TON platform and earn more tokens. 
  • Toncoin can be used as a transaction fee across different blockchains like TON to other options. 
  • It is required to have Toncoin as a stake to maintain the blockchain, this means that it is a governance token to help this system function. 
  • Data storage can be done with Toncoin and with the more assets you have, you can continue supporting TON and its functionality in dealing with your data.

How to buy Toncoin?

If you are looking to buy Toncoin, you have many avenues to get this asset for yourself. This is important to recognise because most people will want to buy TON after they realised its utility as one of crypto space’s best assets. These are the 2 best options for you to get Toncoin for yourself. 


This is a Google Chrome extension that can be installed on your desktop web browser. However, you can also use your smartphone by downloading the mobile app which can be done for both Android and iOS.

Metamask is an Ethereum wallet where you can store Ether or send it elsewhere. That is crucial to buying Toncoin because you can use Metamask to purchase Ether which will be then moved to another wallet for the purchasing process.

Using a decentralised exchange

This is where the second wallet will come in because you can use it to purchase Toncoin on a chosen exchange. There are many kinds of those sites all over the internet which will play a huge role in your investments. Browse the exchange and you will see TON being offered which you can then buy using Ethereum.

Is Toncoin profitable?

There has been growing interest towards the crypto market over the years since people find it as the perfect place to profit in the digital world. Crypto's volatile value makes them invest in it and when the right time comes for them, they'll seize the opportunity to buy an asset. Bitcoin is the prime example as it is now the top digital currency that has been used by various industries. 

TON is relatively new compared to the top crypto but there's potential for how profitable it can turn out to be in the near future.

Toncoin’s price history

Ever since Toncoin was launched in 2020, it has continued to become one of the most profitable coins in the crypto market. This can be seen in its price history because it reached its peak back in November 2021. Toncoin peaked at around $4.501 which is a huge number considering that TON is not as popular as Bitcoin. 

It fell for a bit in 2022 but it is back up and it has stabilised at around $2.5 in 2023. That is solid growth in 3 years where there have been some peaks and valleys but it will only get better as more people begin to understand how Toncoin is projected to perform in the long run.

Price predictions for Toncoin

With the stable price that Toncoin has achieved during 2023, there is room for growth for the crypto asset. People have already talked about the peak that it reached during the later months of 2021. 

This will be a big deal for prospective investors because Toncoin will have a bright future due to the functions that TON has within its blockchain. $2.5 is the price in 2023 but if the experts are correct, they might go upwards of $3 or even $3.75 if needed.

How people can earn from Toncoin

Of course, most people will point to investing in Toncoin and selling it when it’s at a high point. These are two roles that people can take so they can earn Toncoin:

  • Validator: These are the people who earn interest from their validation of transactions in the Proof of Stake network. 
    • The first requirement they have to tick off is to have high-performance hardware which can be seen in typical mining and has to be supported by high-speed internet and storage to process transactions with ease. 
  • Nominator: They have to pool their assets and lend them to the validators so they can earn rewards. The blockchain will issue those rewards and they will be distributed evenly among the validation members of the TON blockchain.

Knowing these two roles will be valuable as you can be part of those parties when you are investing in TON and you have the hardware to keep up.

Why Toncoin is worth it

People constantly talk about investments within the crypto space and Toncoin is one of the best choices that you can name. The market is quite bullish which means buying will be the right move because the potential for growth is high. 

At the same time, the demand for more Toncoin is high but it can keep rising. The supply is there, people just need to keep buying because Toncoin has solid utility across the board with its blockchain and the dApps that can stem from it.

Experts are bullish

Most experts believe that Toncoin is one of the prime candidates for growth within the crypto space. This industry is usually reserved for the titans of the space like Bitcoin or Ethereum but people were surprised when TON was also part of that special few. 

It will be a solid development for Toncoin which was only launched in 2020 and will turn into one of the biggest assets in the industry alongside established titans like BTC and ETH.

Are there alternatives to Toncoin?

Whenever people bring up Toncoin, they see it as a solid investment. However, there will always be people who are against TON and they are looking for alternatives. If you are one of those people, you might need to look at the alternatives if you want to make it far in the crypto space. 

These are alternatives that might benefit you:

  • Ethereum: This is one of the titans of the crypto space but you might love it because it has similar functionalities to Toncoin. This is seen in the system that runs through the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts which function as programs that are stored then run predetermined conditions when they’re met. Another one is the dApps which are programs that follow the general message of crypto which is not governed by any party.
  • Tether: It is a different spin on the crypto coin because it is pegged to the United States dollar. This stability in value might be the factor you’re looking for because it can be used across multiple platforms and industries. 
  • Litecoin: Litecoin might be the best option if you are prioritising transaction speed. This currency that you need to keep using so you won’t have any issues with your transactions going through late.

Toncoin is here to stay

Across the crypto space, there are only a few crypto coins and blockchains that have captured people’s attention to the fullest. Ethereum is probably the best example of this with both but Toncoin is another candidate. It will be versatile enough to be used as a payment method for Bitcasino live casino games in the future and its value will be huge for investments too. Do not miss out on Toncoin because it’s here to stay.


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